Music To My Ears

PROMPT: PLAYLIST [Tell us how your week went by putting together a playlist of  five songs that represent it.]

I woke up in heaven… and no, I’m not dead.  This is PROMPT heaven.  Not that I don’t enjoy most of the prompts, because I do, but give me one that says listen to all your music and tell us which one defines the week gone by, and I’m feeling like a kid in a candy shop.

SO, without further ado, and this ado is more than just nothing, I give you my week in six songs:

Seriously folks, when I look in the mirror every morning, I remind myself of, you know that guy from The Rocky Horror Picture Show? What was his name? Igor? Oh wait, it was Riff Raff… What’s worse, is that he’s a him, and I’m a her, and does that seem right to you? Are you still with me? It’s in the title. There, you’ve connected the dots (from the prompt of the same name).

That was an overall, generalized, happens everyday song. So let’s move onto the five songs that speak of how my week went.



I don’t dwell on it, because, well, it was born more years ago than I can remember, but the truth of it is, I brought it on myself. ’nuff said.



There’s a point where we’re faced with, should we go, or should we stay. On the night before the blizzard, I’m thinking to myself, we could go get a hotel room because if we lose electric at the house, who knows how long it’d take to get it back. But the other side of that coin is we’re wrapped in our little cocoon, and we don’t want to move out of it. So, we dance along the edge.


We get through the storm, and we’re safe and sound (okay, maybe not so sound, cause you know that’s not a place I visit too often). But I’m always brought back to the fact that “Two in love can make it… Love was made for me and you” because it’s me and my sweetie in the united we stand place.


Yes, it’s a BIG yawn, and I’m even more tired of it than you might be of hearing about it, but winter has turned nasty, and I’m SO done with it, so I’m Waitin’ On Sunrise aka SPRING.



It takes me time to get started sometimes, but I got on that ‘event’ prompt wagon, and found my way to an imaginary western, or a sorts. The post for that will be following this, so consider this a teaser. What song do you think it might be? Even though Drew Carey says, “the points don’t count,” I’ll award 500,000,000 to the one who can figure out what song might lead to this one 🙂



In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Burnt.”

It’s interesting to see what comes to mind when I read certain prompts. Today, it went to things having nothing to do with what I would, or would not save/do were my house burning to the ground. As I read the directions – knowing I didn’t do the actual post to which this pings back  – I right away flashed on an episode from Northern Exposure; the episode I think of as the FLING ep.

In that story line, poor Maggie, whose house went up in flames, wasn’t able to salvage anything. She never had the chance to run in and grab those five items to take with her. It all happened when she wasn’t even there.

But what comes to mind, most, is when she was rooting through the wreckage of her life, (the prompt of today’s post) realizing, that at that moment in time, she  was homeless. Enter Chris, the local DJ and artist, philosopher, and however many other things he was to the community. He comes by looking for something for a creative endeavor after finding out from another local, that what he had in mind had already been done. There, in the remnants of Maggie’s world was an old, charred piano. He asks Maggie if he might have this, and she agrees. As the episode continues to its end, Chris, as often happens in Cicely, gathers all the residents together to witness yet another imaginative moment:



What’s In A Word

PROMPT: Lexicographer: [Create a new word and explain its meaning.]

As with nicknames for folks, I have also made up nicks for things (like our house; and the rooms in our house). But that isn’t the same as making up a whole new word, I suppose.

When I was a wee one of about five years old, I wrote a poem with two never before known words. The link to that little girl brain has long since lost its connection, so what they meant, I could not say.

Still, my most recent made up word which I actually used in my “Paying It Forward”  post, is Alponkey. I think it might be fun, personally, if anyone, interested in finding that word in that post, can also figure out what the exact meaning is.

Maybe a contest would be in order. Though I’m uncertain what prize the winner would receive, were they to guess correctly. That might be worthy of a poll.

SO, to be continued, if anyone is game.

Paying It Forward


I’ve just been nominated (in fact, given) The Liebster Award in this wonderful and amazing world of, and for blogging! *runs around dusting off surfaces, to find the perfect place for the award.*  I am honored by LiliCakes!  and I know that you’ll be as much in heaven as I was, for discovering her amazing blog! In the world of what makes people happy, what could be better than dessert?
The rules for this round are:

1.  Thank the person who nominated you by tagging their original post to yours.

2. Answer 11 questions.

3. Nominate other bloggers who deserve this award.

4. Ask them 11 questions.

5. Put these rules in your post.

6.Inform the bloggers you have nominated.
Being the kind of person that actually loves answering quizes, and questions, (and I think it would be cool, to actually have a quiz on what kind of cake would we be, were we to become one), the inner workings of receiving blog awards, are to do the simple tasks, like, thanking, and linking to our nominator – just like sending a thank you card to someone who has gifted you in your home, out there (yes, in the world, you know, where you’re sitting right now reading, or writing?).

Of course, it wouldn’t be fun unless we got to talk about ourselves (come on, don’t be bashful) and it’s made easy by answering a few (count them eleven) questions sent by the nominators to the nominees – Did you note that the questions are exactly and precisely same amount as the nominations of other bloggsters you’ll make. And that makes 11:11, if you ask me, the most amazing time. I actually got married at 11:11 a.m.

The Questions For Me from Lili:

Okay, so, here we go!

1. How did I feel about receiving this award?

Thrilled! I’ve never received an award, so this is such an honor. I love the idea of this ‘Blogger’s Choice’ award. It’s recognition, and also support and encouragement for the work we do here, and we get to help others.
Thank you!

2. What have you been enjoying most about blogging?

Without a doubt, my return to writing. I’d been in a drought; unable to put pen to paper, or even thoughts into words, for the last four years. I thank Blogging 101 for appearing on my doorstep and leaving the invitation. Writing is my creativity being allowed out. This is another one of those ‘what makes me feel refreshed, energized, and rejuvinated’ moments.

3. What is your idea of a good day?

75 degrees, and clear – low humidity. So I’m laughing here because the weather was the first thing that came to mind – while in mid-bizzard. But I’m serious. A good day is one where I can go outside and greet the morning, and not be cold, or rained on. It’s one where I can commune with the Green Ones! Do Secret Spot meditations. Luxuriate in the beauty of Nature.

4. What’s your favorite cake, and why?

First thought was, all cakes! Second thought was, the cake I’m eating at any given moment. I love cake. Unfortunately I’m not allowed to eat cake (except on the rare occasion), so my passion and craving is greater now. But, I’ve also learned (thanks to Lili) that cakes don’t need the ‘bad’ sugar to make them delicioso! 🙂 Oh right, favorite flavor cake: Lemon filled layer cake with confectioner’s suger on top.

5. Whats your dream?

To live in the tropics with my wonderful husband. Living near the ocean would be so envigorating; long walks on the beach, the sound of the surf lulling me to sleep, and still there when I awake. To be warm enough that I’m not too hot, and not at all cold. To be able to see Orcas breaching, would most definitely take my breath away. Yet, equally desired are the deep woods, in summer, with the songs of the crickets, and birds, and the buzzing bees, and at night the full harmony of nocternal beings, and the sparkling of fireflies, like stars in a night sky, but instead of out there *points to the sky* it’s right where I’d be standing.

6. What are your favorite possessions and why?

My wedding and engagement rings. Things that belonged to my mother, that I can have near me, and know she’s still with me, as Josh Groban sings, “Who can say for certain, maybe you’re still here. I feel you all around me, you’re memory’s still clear. Deep in the stillness, I can hear you speak. You’re still an inspiration…” especially her pictures. My music collection (records, CDs, MP3s which bring them to me), my sock monkey, Alpaca and an Alponkey furball; my rock and crystal collection, my Tarot decks, and journals. My kindle. I have an extensive collection of mouse and chipmonk, Orca and Wolf chachkas, and… again, it is like, all of the stuff I have, is my favorite, else why would I have it?

7. What do you usually do at the weekend?

Saturday is Peapod delivery and it’s Movie night! Sunday is bill day, Exploring Tarot chat, and the other not going out day.

8. What makes you happy?

My husband. Music. Communing with the Green Ones. Cappie The Sock Monkey. Writing. Feel good movies, series, and books. Cake. Beautiful sunsets. Hidden Object Games.

9. On average, how many hours a day are you blogging at this moment?

Since I began the course (Blogging 101) it would be pretty much every possible minute. But that includes reading other’s blogs, and responding to comments, making comments. Blogging isn’t just the act of writing and posting. It’s the act of engaging.

10. What kinds of blogs do you like following?

I follow blogs of people whose writing is musical, makes me sit up and think. Blogs In which I find profound nuggets of truth. Entertains me. Inspires me (like to find out how to make cakes without sugar.)

11. What are you going to do now?

Put up my award on my page. Decide which blogs I want to nominate for this wonderful award. Think up great questions to ask my nominees.

BLOGS to nominate:

1.  Bobafterblog21
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3.  The TJ Blog
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5.  SpaceShipChina
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10. Rachel’s Realm
11. Blisters, Bunions and Blarney
And The Answer Is:

1. What song defines who you are, and would you share a youtube link for it?

2. Which of your owns posts is your favorite, and why?

3. What is your most favorite quote from a movie? What is the movie?

4. If you could time travel, where would you go, and why?

5. What is one moment you can remember which changed your life?

6. Who would you want to play you in a movie about your life?

7. What is your favorite genre of fiction?

8. Who or what encouraged you to become a writer?

9. What book have you read more than once?

10. What other art form are you most interested in?

11. What prompt for blogging would you like to offer to Blogging U?

Old Abodes and New Codes


Once Upon A Time: [Tell us about something that happened to you in real life last week — but write it in the style of a fairy tale]

Once upon a time in a town called Defying Reason, lived a peaceful people who sought to keep their sanity in the midst of the Appliance Wars. It wasn’t so much that the appliances were at fault, but, the ever increasing Codes which caused troublesome days to the ones who had moved into this town more than twenty years before, in a simpler, and kinder time; into houses which were built in a different age, when –  let’s face it – the powers that be, and the workers that had constructed domiciles that did not meet this Code, lived with no forethought of bridging gaps of an unknown future.

One day, in the Applesauce District of this town, a couple had looked through the digital pages of the stores that were now all the rage, to find just the right cooking stove. They wanted, more than anything, to be home on the range, with one that would and could just be put in with no fuss, no muss.

But this was not to be. No, not in a town called Defying Reason. It would almost be impossible to have such a thing happen. No fuss, no muss, was outlawed, it seemed, though never had been entered into the books. So the family, having purchased in good faith, all that was needed for their little stove to be delivered and installed, waited for the truck to bring their brand new kitchen gadget. That was when they were given the news. No turn off valve was behind the old appliance. They stood there, the family, and the delivery men, scratching their heads trying to decide how to remedy this unfortunate situation.

But, as all things in Defying Reason went, it would be up to the family to call in a plumber and pay to have a new shut off valve put in. So the little couple called around searching for this kind of worker. First they turned to their neighbor, who was so handy, and knew all  kinds of things about such situations. But much to the dismay of the family, they were told, he knew of nobody in town who could do this. What was the little couple to do?

To the rescue came The Butcher King, who happened to know a man, in the business of plumbing. And bright and early the next morning the family had a new shut off valve installed. A time was scheduled for the return of the delivery people, and the stove was brought in. It was gleaming, and new, and the couple danced around, when all the workers left.

The moral of the story is, when you’ve moved into a town called Defying Reason, expect the unexpected, and forget happily ever after, because, let’s face it, THAT IS defying reason!

The End

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