Some Other Place, The Right Place

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Daring Do.”

It’s the unexpected events which carry us into often uncharted waters of courage. I could not have known I’d be faced with more than a simple happy reunion. A week spent perhaps a year prior,  forged the beginning of a bond that would reunite us miles from those first days.

The day was sunny, and warm, and I was looking forward to meeting  White Buffalo Woman,  who had traveled  half way across the country on her pilgrimage. I expected her arrival, but received a call instead; a call for help.

Memory serves us a partial buffet of facts. Mine gave me morsels of moments: arriving at my apartment in a Fire and Rescue truck, and the medics settling her down on my couch. And there we were, a Mutt and Jeff team, having  a strangely different reunion than we could have imagined.

My next platter from the buffet was the little Mutt Me, scratching my head on how to help She Who Could No Longer Walk to the bathroom. Folding Chair to the rescue. In one of those ‘where did my strength come from’ maneuvers, we managed an awkward duck walk there, and then, afterward, into the bedroom across the hall.

Flash forward to the ambulance coming the next day, and carrying us to the hospital. In some miraculous way, I’d saved her life, because I’d have not believed it possible were I foretold of this.

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