Bridget Jones Inspired

DAILY PROMPT: [Rare Medium… in a form┬árarely used before.]


Wake up.
Get out of bed.
Try not to fall in the toilet, because my eyes are still closed.
Pry my eyes open, and pick up my kindle. Read a page.
Having forgotten to turn on the hot water first, freeze my hands off. curse the winter, cold water and… did I say winter?
Go downstairs, even though its barely 60 down there, (it’s 2, count them: one, two whole degrees on the thermometer outside the kitchen window).
Curse that I forgot to turn the heat up on my way to turn on the computer that has its home in the bowels of this should-be-an-igloo house.
Trudge back upstairs wondering if I can count that as my exercise for today.

Answer the phone.
Grumble about cooking, even if it is the bain of my existence.
Skip writing my daily prompt
Skip doing a reading, even though I have for the last nine days.
Go outside until it reaches at least above freezing (an easy cheat).
Forget to take the wood out of the back seat of my little halfcar.
Curse the post office for being slow in delivering my next movie.
Forget to give my sweetie his treat at lunch time. (minds out of the gutter folks; we’re talking donuts here, not sex).
Stay up past 1:30 a.m.