Romps with Prompts

You know you’ve watched too many reality shows like American Idol, when you see “Make a Prompt Personal” and actually hear, “Make it your own.”

But then I think, make THIS prompt personal? Or are we talking about any other prompt that’s shuttled my way on the assembly line of Promptdom? My mind comes up with too many questions. Way more than there are answers, I’m sure.

I can see going up to the Prompt Center – which would be somewhere in the Town Square of The Blogging U campus. Hmmm… But campuses don’t have town squares. Or do they? At NYU, Washington Square Park, was a veritable town square of the little neighborhood known as Greenwich Village, in New York City.

Yes, so here I am at the Prompt Center. It’s got an address like 9-3/4 on it, so that I can’t helping thinking of running at it, full speed ahead, to get through to the other side, where the Promptwarts Express awaits to take me to my very own personal Prompt. There’s a variety, actually. Isn’t there always? I mean, really, they don’t just have the plain old, tried and true, run of the mill prompt. No they come in colors; a rainbow of colors. This is supposed to make me feel like it’s my VERY OWN. It’s not like anyone else’s. Yet, what are the odds of a prompt being completely my own? What if my prompt looks like someone elses? What if it has the identical dna of other prompts?

Oh, wait, I know. To make a prompt my own, I will have to make it from scratch! It’ll be like the Betty Crocker of Prompts, made with basic ingredients. But wait, there’s no supermarket of Prompts with basic ingredients. I’ll have to buy land, sow the seeds of my personal prompt, and water it and watch it grow from the seedling, into it’s own unique Prompt self.

Then I’ll have to write the story of it: Everything you wanted to know about making prompts but were afraid to ask. And one day, as I sit with my prompt, proud of it, I’ll hear a knock on the door. It’ll be a rep from MGM studios, telling me they’ve read my, now, best selling Book of Prompts, and want the rights to make the movie, which they’ll call, “The little Prompt that could.” They’ll ask me questions like, who do I want to play my prompt? When will I be able to go on tour for the book and the movie. And what about the soundtrack? A Prompt needs a song of its own.

As I write my memoir, years after the hoopla of the Romps with Prompts has found its way into history books, my one thought will be, what a long strange trip it’s been. Sitting in my rocking chair at Prompt Acres Nursing Home, with photographs of my very own prompt near-by, I’ll recall the day my little Prompt was born, and smile.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. reallifemarti
    Jan 19, 2015 @ 22:21:38

    “Promtwarts Express” hehehe. Perhaps you can find the answer in your Defense Against the Dark Prompts literature? Thank you for the grin today.



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