A Survivor Moment in the Serenity of Connecting The Dots

Years ago, one of the television shows which captured me was “Survivor.” The primal aspect was as enticing as it was riviting. (though I have surmised there was probably a Holiday Inn on the next Island, and they had choppers which could ferry any emergency victim off to safety). But the implication was all about surviving in the wilderness. It was one of those shows where I would turn my phone off.

What I loved about Survivor was the idea, rather than surviving, to seek to live in harmony with Nature. It would be like going back in time; truly understanding the relationship one develops with The Land, when that is the cradle of one’s life. I know the majority of the people on the show were more about their 15 minutes of fame, and the possibility of winning the prize if they out witted, out lasted, and out played, the other contestants.

I loved the tribal aspect, second best. The rest (the competative imperative), was entertaining, but not the gold ring. I found the mechanics, however, of figuring out how to build a shelter from what was in the surroundings rather wistful.

I am a camper from way back; starting out in the family tent my parents rented from Morsans, and then in their own store bought one. I was in heaven traipsing about the woods, sitting by the warming flames of the campfire, and cooking (in earlier days) over it, then on our Coleman stove. But I was the child, and didn’t have the responsibility of putting it all together. I was the gatherer of wood, picking up bundles of twigs and sticks, leaving the bigger logs for my brother. It was roughing it, for a kid from New York City. And it was thrilling.

I left my camping days behind after high school, opting to stay at home when the folks went off on vacation. But the wanderlust sat upon the back burner of my psyche. The wild child within still dreamt of being a survivalist. There were the occasions when I found my way to retreats where I stayed in a cabin, or a tent provided by the retreat center. I was back in the wilds, and when I returned home after the week, I was a changed person, the sense of which lingered like the telltail smoke from a campfire, about, and within my being. That serenity lasted little more than another week, unfortunately.

Survivor came after those days, and I lapped up the tantilizing nectar of wishful thinking. When would I ever get back to the garden?

Seven months ago, commenced a deeper inner journey which would lead to the altar of my desire. As I began delving into the mysteries of the world of Tarot again, I found a deck that, it seems, was made with me in mind, or at least me and my kindred of the Gaian pathwork.

The images were stunning; rich and lush illustrations which opened that door I’d thought had long ago closed when life’s exigencies insinuated themselves upon me. Where had that free spirit gone, I wondered, as I felt the stirring within. The re-emergence of a previous chapter, brought me back to the seeker, literally. The generally titled “Fool” card, was finally, and happily, for me, referred to as “The Seeker.” I was ravenous to regain the knowledge I had years before learned. The images, this time were so different, that even the least liked of which were presented in new and exciting pictures. Not all made sense, in those first weeks (at yet another beginners/refresher 101 course). In fact, one, which I knew from previous experience with the minor arcana, implied the possibility of being down and out, destitute in the most physical way, not to mention in a Spiritual way. Known in the traditional decks as the Five of Pentacles, (or coins or discs) in my new deck it was called Five of Earth

Of course, certain cards that overwhelmingly demonstrate great struggle, which often has a person feeling tremendously disspirited, left me lacking when trying to put the best face on it that I could. These kinds of cards, challenged me to fathom how they might be read in a vaguely more encouraging way (glass half full girl here). With this dilemma, however, I hit the jackpot. It was accompanied the Justice Major Arcana,  which in this current deck actually speaks more to karmic justice, and to the plight of the endangered species who have suffered decimation to the point of near extinction. I was stunned at the sudden insight the Five of Earth was showing me that it also represented a way to FEEL the plight of our brother and sister beings; to put myself in their footprints, and understand more definitely, a desperate situation.

Within a few months of this revelation, while on one of my weekly walk-abouts, to my  Secret Spot, I came across something so stunning that I was practically doing summersaults at having found this treasure!

MullerPond 5Earth 2

MullerPond 5Earth 4 MullerPond 5Earth 6

Here, in living color, was a Five of Earth model. Of course, at the moment I found it, I did not have a camera, in the form of a phone. In fact, I have what I affectionately refer to as my stupid phone. It takes pictures, but has no ability to send it through email. I actually used a 35mm camera on my next outing.

Thus is the story inspired by the last photographs I took.