Can You Dig It?

Odd Trio prompt: [write a post about any topic you want, in whatever form or genre, but make sure it features a slice of cake, a pair of flip-flops, and someone old and wise.]

From the last slice of crumb cake, I popped a bite into my mouth and brushed the crumbs off my shorts, as I stood up. Breakfast done. The campsite was chaotic. Things were strewn about, as happened once a job was underway. I surveyed the equipment for the dig, taking silent inventory. At least that was semi-organized.

“Ready to go?” I heard Shane’s voice as she returned from checking the perimiter.

“yup.” I hefted a duffel of tools up, and started for the rover. Shane grabbed the other

bag up.

The ride was bumpy, causing the rig to tilt, first one way, then the other. The trail widened as we entered the flatland that surrounded our work zone. Parking next to the other rover, we disembarked.

There were only three others here this morning, spread out at different parts of the site. Elise was bent over a table in the main tent, sorting carefully through the cache from yesterday’s work. Cassie was further afield, tending to clearing away debris to the entrance of the main cavern.

I pointed Shane in that direction. “We need to get in there today,” and I watched her make┬áher way over the string of that grid. Things were going well enough, but I wondered when our wise old leader was going to come up.

I┬áheaded over to a smaller grid, inside which was a deeper trench. Helen glanced up, mopping her brow. The temperature was already heading up toward the triple digits, and the day was still early. “I found something interesting here,” she said. I carefully settled in next to her, and looked down at a partially unearthed object. We leaned down and studied it. Wedged beneath a piece of granite, it looked to be the edge of a tablet; barely an eighth inch thick, but oddly rouned on the visible end. We brushed away the sand underneath, slowly, giving it room to loosen. “It’s not stone,” Helen said.

“Looks oddly textured, under the caking of mud.”

“I thought so too, but it’s not leather, either,” Helen responded. We continued to work around the item, clearing away as much as we could. Trying to take the granite off might destroy the integrity of the relic.

“A sandal?” I surmised.

“Right you are,” Doctor Rosland said, as she joined us. I smiled up at our dig director. Even at 70, she was spry. I moved aside to let her into my spot. “That is hemp.”

“Ah!” Helen and I said at the same time.

After an hour more of work, we managed to pulled out, not one, but two pieces of encrusted slabs. With considerable more detailed work, we discovered that Doctor Rosland, was, in fact right. Up at the tent, we all gathered around as the cleaning process brought back to life a pair of sandals.


“The first pair of flip flops.” Shane announced, grinning.