It’s In The Cards

Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other
[Write a six-word story about what you think the future holds for you, and then expand on it in a post.]
MY STORY: Fresh Ideas built with happy discoveries.

Expanding on my story:

Here was a chance for me to see just how my Tarot cards would partner with writing. It is one of the many reasons I began working with Tarot. My mission, having accepted it, was to write a six word story, about what the future holds for me. It took a moment for me to actually consider that The Gaian Tarot could and would be the catalyst.

Gathering up my deck, and journal, I head for my ‘reading’ room.  Writing out the question – because you can’t really do a reading without having a question – “What do I need to know about what the future holds for me?” Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle. This time I actually counted to make sure I had all 78 of my cards in the deck. And they were there. I’ve all too often left one sitting somewhere by my computer so I can glance at it from time to time to remind me of a day’s reading.

On the big shuffle, the laying all my cards on the table shuffle, I see patterns in all the Chaos around me, (who doesn’t?). I’ll imagine, as I place the cards in a V, “The geese fly in,” and then I automatically place one in each of the four piles at the corners, while thinking, “from the four corners.” I’ve wondered what four corners I’m am thinking about. The Four Corners where New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado meet? Or maybe the four directions, East, South, West and North? Maybe even four secret spots that Geese have as they migrate North to South, and back again.

I cut the deck, using my left hand. Pulling my notebook back onto the table, I write out my positions.  It’s actually called a spread. For Daily Reflections, I use four cards. The first position is the THEME about which the question was asked. The card which I turned over was The Builder, which is the 4th Major Arcana. I could feel a wide grin forming.

In a traditional Tarot deck, The Builder is referred to as The Emperor. These are powerful people. I’d just been watching Marco Polo and Kublai Khan came to mind. What a formidable Emperor he was! But mine is a Builder. He is a gentle man, who creates with precision, and focus, and dedication.

As the Theme for my query about what the future holds for me, I couldn’t have drawn a better card! In Tarot, when we begin learning, there is a moment when we are taught we can calculate which cards are our ‘personal’ cards. This is easy enough. We use our birthday, and add up the numbers. These are the cards which speak of our personality, our Soul, and the Hidden Knowledge which underlies our life’s journey.

The Builder/Emperor is my Soul Card. Right away, the cards were giving me good news. I will be right on track for my reason for being as my future unfolds.  The Builder says to me that I will go deeper into my Soul’s Journey. This card, as theme, speaks directly to forging the life I have wanted to live. This is about “deciding what to do with the time that is given me,” (Thank you Gandalf) and then doing it!

Card two, as I turned it over was in the position of my GUIDE. It is the Ace of Water.

This is one of those cards I sometimes look at and wonder what in the heck is it telling me. Well, that is my non-intuitive self making faces. But there is so much more to a card than its image. The Ace of Water contains two obvious parts. The number of the Ace is One. It is a card of beginnings, as all Aces are. It is also from the realm of water, which governs my emotions. The way I saw the card, giving that meaning to it, was that I am being guided to see it is a perfect time to start to wash away old emotional habits that do not serve me any longer. It is a time to begin to open up to the flow of each day. Follow my heart’s desire, my instincts, and my intuition. This guides me to go with the current of the river as it makes its way to the sea. Why yes, I recall that very statement when I wrote my ‘about’ page. I understand that I must trust the wisdom of my own heart.

Card three is in the MEDITATION position. It is Ten of Air.
Ah, the geese migrate (just like in my shuffling!). This is a card of transition. The Air is the realm of thought. It speaks of going forward with fresh ideas, and to take the time, as I do, to reflect on the endless possibilities which are available to me.

Three card readings are used quite often. But I wanted to add some ‘seasoning’ to my daily reflections, so I always have a Fourth position, which I call HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE. It is the card that I draw from the bottom of the deck. Many people think of it as the ‘shadow card’ but I like the idea that is a card which brings me something I might have forgotten to add to the reading. Here I pull the Child of Water (Page of Cups in traditional decks). *happy dancing!*

When we start to work with a deck, we can’t help but begin to identify certain cards with significant situations in our lives. This Child of Water is one such card for me (I have many). That she is my Hidden Knowledge card speaks to the specific meaning I attach to it, but on a general interpretation level, it is also about going forth into each day with the curiosity (as children do), of an explorer and to take pleasure in the discoveries which I make!

How, you might ask do I get a six word story that says: “Fresh Ideas built with happy discoveries,” out of all of this?

The chosen six words are exactly what my cards have brought to me. Fresh ideas from the 10 of Air, built by The Builder, and happy, from the Child of Water, with discoveries from the Ace of Water.

Earlier today I saw a prompt by Ben Huberman, “Easy Fix” about ending my story with a specific phrase. From my reading about what I need to know about what the future holds for me, I can say, in this moment, “All is right with the world.”