Old Abodes and New Codes


Once Upon A Time: [Tell us about something that happened to you in real life last week — but write it in the style of a fairy tale]

Once upon a time in a town called Defying Reason, lived a peaceful people who sought to keep their sanity in the midst of the Appliance Wars. It wasn’t so much that the appliances were at fault, but, the ever increasing Codes which caused troublesome days to the ones who had moved into this town more than twenty years before, in a simpler, and kinder time; into houses which were built in a different age, when –  let’s face it – the powers that be, and the workers that had constructed domiciles that did not meet this Code, lived with no forethought of bridging gaps of an unknown future.

One day, in the Applesauce District of this town, a couple had looked through the digital pages of the stores that were now all the rage, to find just the right cooking stove. They wanted, more than anything, to be home on the range, with one that would and could just be put in with no fuss, no muss.

But this was not to be. No, not in a town called Defying Reason. It would almost be impossible to have such a thing happen. No fuss, no muss, was outlawed, it seemed, though never had been entered into the books. So the family, having purchased in good faith, all that was needed for their little stove to be delivered and installed, waited for the truck to bring their brand new kitchen gadget. That was when they were given the news. No turn off valve was behind the old appliance. They stood there, the family, and the delivery men, scratching their heads trying to decide how to remedy this unfortunate situation.

But, as all things in Defying Reason went, it would be up to the family to call in a plumber and pay to have a new shut off valve put in. So the little couple called around searching for this kind of worker. First they turned to their neighbor, who was so handy, and knew all  kinds of things about such situations. But much to the dismay of the family, they were told, he knew of nobody in town who could do this. What was the little couple to do?

To the rescue came The Butcher King, who happened to know a man, in the business of plumbing. And bright and early the next morning the family had a new shut off valve installed. A time was scheduled for the return of the delivery people, and the stove was brought in. It was gleaming, and new, and the couple danced around, when all the workers left.

The moral of the story is, when you’ve moved into a town called Defying Reason, expect the unexpected, and forget happily ever after, because, let’s face it, THAT IS defying reason!

The End