What’s In A Word

PROMPT: Lexicographer: [Create a new word and explain its meaning.]

As with nicknames for folks, I have also made up nicks for things (like our house; and the rooms in our house). But that isn’t the same as making up a whole new word, I suppose.

When I was a wee one of about five years old, I wrote a poem with two never before known words. The link to that little girl brain has long since lost its connection, so what they meant, I could not say.

Still, my most recent made up word which I actually used in my “Paying It Forward”  post, is Alponkey. I think it might be fun, personally, if anyone, interested in finding that word in that post, can also figure out what the exact meaning is.

Maybe a contest would be in order. Though I’m uncertain what prize the winner would receive, were they to guess correctly. That might be worthy of a poll.

SO, to be continued, if anyone is game.