In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Burnt.”

It’s interesting to see what comes to mind when I read certain prompts. Today, it went to things having nothing to do with what I would, or would not save/do were my house burning to the ground. As I read the directions – knowing I didn’t do the actual post to which this pings back  – I right away flashed on an episode from Northern Exposure; the episode I think of as the FLING ep.

In that story line, poor Maggie, whose house went up in flames, wasn’t able to salvage anything. She never had the chance to run in and grab those five items to take with her. It all happened when she wasn’t even there.

But what comes to mind, most, is when she was rooting through the wreckage of her life, (the prompt of today’s post) realizing, that at that moment in time, she  was homeless. Enter Chris, the local DJ and artist, philosopher, and however many other things he was to the community. He comes by looking for something for a creative endeavor after finding out from another local, that what he had in mind had already been done. There, in the remnants of Maggie’s world was an old, charred piano. He asks Maggie if he might have this, and she agrees. As the episode continues to its end, Chris, as often happens in Cicely, gathers all the residents together to witness yet another imaginative moment: