Music To My Ears

PROMPT: PLAYLIST [Tell us how your week went by putting together a playlist of  five songs that represent it.]

I woke up in heaven… and no, I’m not dead.  This is PROMPT heaven.  Not that I don’t enjoy most of the prompts, because I do, but give me one that says listen to all your music and tell us which one defines the week gone by, and I’m feeling like a kid in a candy shop.

SO, without further ado, and this ado is more than just nothing, I give you my week in six songs:

Seriously folks, when I look in the mirror every morning, I remind myself of, you know that guy from The Rocky Horror Picture Show? What was his name? Igor? Oh wait, it was Riff Raff… What’s worse, is that he’s a him, and I’m a her, and does that seem right to you? Are you still with me? It’s in the title. There, you’ve connected the dots (from the prompt of the same name).

That was an overall, generalized, happens everyday song. So let’s move onto the five songs that speak of how my week went.



I don’t dwell on it, because, well, it was born more years ago than I can remember, but the truth of it is, I brought it on myself. ’nuff said.



There’s a point where we’re faced with, should we go, or should we stay. On the night before the blizzard, I’m thinking to myself, we could go get a hotel room because if we lose electric at the house, who knows how long it’d take to get it back. But the other side of that coin is we’re wrapped in our little cocoon, and we don’t want to move out of it. So, we dance along the edge.


We get through the storm, and we’re safe and sound (okay, maybe not so sound, cause you know that’s not a place I visit too often). But I’m always brought back to the fact that “Two in love can make it… Love was made for me and you” because it’s me and my sweetie in the united we stand place.


Yes, it’s a BIG yawn, and I’m even more tired of it than you might be of hearing about it, but winter has turned nasty, and I’m SO done with it, so I’m Waitin’ On Sunrise aka SPRING.



It takes me time to get started sometimes, but I got on that ‘event’ prompt wagon, and found my way to an imaginary western, or a sorts. The post for that will be following this, so consider this a teaser. What song do you think it might be? Even though Drew Carey says, “the points don’t count,” I’ll award 500,000,000 to the one who can figure out what song might lead to this one 🙂