DO or Die [in 300 words, justify the existence of my favorite person, place or thing. Failure to convince this will result in its vanishing without a trace.]

First (in another universe city) it’s 5 things to be saved, leaving the other precious items to head to the big ‘near and dear’ to me place in the sky. Now it’s having to justify a favorite person, place or thing, or it will vanish without a trace.

The very fact of having to determine what is favorite, leaves other things as ‘less favorites.’ A little too ‘Sophie’s Choice’ if you ask me. How does a person choose what is the most precious, absolute favorite thing in the world?

BUT, what if something has actually, vanished without a trace? Take my internet access (please). Could that be the unrealized thing which, having literally vanished without a trace, turns out to be that favorite thus and such? The weirdness of it all, may in fact, be that it’s a remnant from that strange place called Defying Reason (remember that little town from the Fairy tale Prompt?)

Sometime within the last 24 hours, my internet access, did in fact disappear without a trace. And I think about it. What, of late, has been the obsession which has driven me for the last month? Blogging, of course. But, not just blogging in its traditional form. But writing as a student of Blogging U. It’s been my ‘be all you can be’ mantra; my ‘raison d’etre,’ truth be told. The experience, the return of the beloved creativity, which had gone missing some seven years ago, pulled me out of the ‘winter of my discontent’.

Does the phrase, The Bermuda Triangle come to mind? This time in that great Sargasso Sea of Cyberspace. It vanished simply because I could not justify it soon enough. End of story.


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