Johnny Law

Breaking the law [think about the last time yo broke the law; a big one (not tearing labels off pillows) Were you burned
or did things turn out for the best?

Well, when I was ten years old, when we were living down in the city, my parents had to take in boarders to help pay off the mortgage. There was this one tenant who lived way up in the attic. He was out working everyday, so one day when I was ‘home alone,’ I sneaked up to his room and looked around through his stuff. I came across some money, and I wondered if he’d notice if a twenty dollar bill would be missed if I took it and hid it somewhere else in his room. So I did. Days later, when I didn’t hear anything about it on the home grapevine, I went back upstairs and took the money and put it back.

Was it stealing? Not sure. But it was breaking and entering. That was the last time I can remember heading into that dangerous territory of ‘breaking the law.’


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