NO THANKS: [Is there any place I would not want to visit? Where and why?]

Conditions for going places vary, like with the seasons. For instance. It’s been 50 shades of winter here, and I know that regardless of what the groundhog says, we’re going to have at least 12 weeks of potential for winter ahead. With those conditions, my answer to places I don’t want to go is out of this house. There isn’t anywhere I want to go until it stops snowing, and stays above 40 fahrenheit for a month, at the very least.

Then there is the how. Let’s talk teletransporters. I am SO over packing, dragging my suitcases along behind me, and waiting in train stations (or airports had I any desire to want to fly, which I don’t), and the hours it takes to get anywhere, and staying in hotels, which look pretty much the same no matter where you go – even in Judgement City make their hotel rooms look like The Holiday Inn, for pete’s sake!  So, give me a nice teletransporter that will zip me right to the place, and I’m a happy camper, unless, of course, some fly gets caught in there with me and I come out at the other end, as some politician insect. See what I’m saying?

But lets say there is no weather concern. On the serious side of places I don’t want to go, I would imagine that every place has something interesting to offer. The physical place itself, especially those different from locales I’ve already been. There’s a lot in Nature most of us have not seen, and the beauty would make any environment worth seeing. While I’m personally drawn to Natural wonders, I’m also a fan of the architect’s vision as seen in all the nations of our world.

Recently, I have been watching a series, “Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey” in which the viewer is privy to some of the most amazing sights only the beings which live there experience. Okay, so I probably wouldn’t want to go to depths of the ocean that would crush me to a pulp. And the vacuum of Space is rather scary. But again, does the question imply that the reason I wouldn’t want to go to someplace might be involved with safety reasons? If that were the case, then, it isn’t really the fault of the PlACE as much as of the people who dwell there; whose lives are guided by the chaos of violence. Can we
separate the place from the atmosphere of it? No. Sadly, it is not possible to remove people from any given place. Just the other day, I was reading Trablog’s  post about these most awe-inspiring cave paintings, and my one thought was, I wonder if I would be able to see them in the solitude after hours where others would not detract from what I’m seeing, feeling, experiencing.

Yes, the Hermit in Quantum Hermit is very specific to me. I know this isn’t about how I’d like to go and live in a tree house, far away from the maddening crowd. I grew up in the maddening crowd, in fact. I learned my lesson. If I want to get the best out of a place, then I want the sanctuary of solitude to allow me to commune with the spirit of that place. I want to hear the echoes of the past whisper how it all evolved.


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  1. Safar Fiertze
    Feb 07, 2015 @ 19:54:36

    Oh my word, how closely you’ve echoed how I feel when I experience the wonder of something new or extraordinary (to me at least)! I used to have this thing as a kid. When we were travelling I hated it when my mother would get excited about what she was seeing and feel the need to point and make us look and experience what she was seeing. I hated it because she didn’t respect that I was already experiencing what she had seen, but in my own way. And my window on the world was always beautiful.
    I like to experience places in solitude, or with a kindred spirit. I’ve discovered that sunrise is a time most people avoid inhabiting, like the cold of winter.

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  2. Faraday's Candle
    Feb 10, 2015 @ 01:48:38

    It is amazing how everyone experiences everything in such a different way!



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