Very Cool Reality

PROMPT: Sliced Bread

[Most of us have heard the saying, “That’s the best thing since sliced bread!” What do you think is actually the best thing since sliced bread?]

On the ‘first thing that comes to mind’ front, I’d say butter, but of course, butter’s been around longer, so ignore that, not to mention this isn’t about sliced bread really.

Years ago, before all this technology came into the world, there were certain things I’d dream about having in my home. I love movies, and I always thought that I would need to come with a way to build a mini theater in my house, so I could view movies on the big screen, without having to go out to a theater, but more importantly that I could have the opportunity to own and view certain movies at any time I want. As I say this now, I’m feeling how antiquated the VCR is, comparatively speaking. But, that really was my dream of being able to view, own and what have you, at home, coming true. The VCR, above all else which technology affords us, was the best thing since sliced bread.

Now remember, I was young, (well, okay out of my teens, and past my 20s, and had reached Thirty-Something) when I became aware of the this new fangled toy. I’d like to say that I was a kid, and had no reason to think such things as microwave would matter more to me. It didn’t because movies and tv are ‘White Man’s Medicine,’ and I have found the most profound truths in them. To remember these truths is easier when I can review them at the drop of a hat. That’s a Very Cool Reality.


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  1. calensariel
    Feb 26, 2015 @ 19:46:18

    That’s a pretty cool post. I’d have to do some thinking about that for myself. But off the top of my head I’d have to say the coolest thing for me is having a “library” in my house. A room just dedicated to my books and my desk.

    Btw, have you ever seen the movie “Shirley Valentine” with Pauline Collins? It’s a British film. If not, I bet you’d love it.



    • Fimnora Westcaw
      Feb 27, 2015 @ 00:46:15

      Thank you! I agree about the library, and Mr. Quantum feels we lucked out with this house on that front.

      No, I have not seen “Shirley Valentine.” I’ll look for it in Netflix! Thank you. Ah, it’s listed as save only, which means they are in negotiation to obtain it!. I see Tom Conti is in it. I like him. Have you seen “Saving Grace,” with Tom in it? Wonderful movie.



  2. Faraday's Candle
    Feb 27, 2015 @ 14:03:35

    Books, books & more books. Yes, a library is such a wonderful place. If that library is in your home it is better than slice bread.

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