Touching Base With Myself

I’m in hibernation. You wouldn’t think so, with all the activity I’ve been doing here but it is a chosen (first time ever) hibernation. It is winter, and like many brother and sister – Other Than Human – beings, I have retreated from the larger world. I’ve gone  off world,’ to put it more precisely. And strangely enough, this is the first time I’ve actually been able to see that I hibernate during this time of year.

For years, I’d see myself pulling away from what I’d been immersed in. But I never got that it was happening at the same time every year; that it was in the ‘dark times’ of the Wheel of the Year. I just thought of it as, going (moving) away from The Source. Through a return the Self, over the past year, I have begun to excavate my authenticity.

It began, interestingly enough, with taking a course. It was a beginners 101 type course, but I wasn’t a beginner. No, the learning started longer well before a mere nine months ago (oh, wait, does that mean I’m being ‘born again?’). I’ve only just been coming back to it. I didn’t understand that, however. But I knew there was cyclical movement in the flow. With the course, and the community in which I was enfolded, I began opening up to all the lessons which I hungered for, and which I did not see was always there, all the time, when ever I was ready to receive.

When I crawled into my cave, to hunker down and await the return of the time of growing, and greening, and warm sunny days, where there were birds and bees, and budding trees, I knew I would probably be tinkering with old familiar games, and such. But instead, as the calendar year transitioned one to the next, I did something oddly spontaneous. Read all about it…  Sound familiar? uh huh. That 101 thing.

Can we call it a pattern yet? nah. Three’s the charm. Well, can I call it full circle? Hmmmm. Okay.

I came full circle. There.
And the point is?
Well, it’s March 1.

Oh, right… I’ve skipped over a part. Last February, heading into the world of 201s, I fell out of touch, due to techical difficulties. But I rebounded. Got back on the horse.



What about the hibernation, and why did you bring it up????

Right, I’m getting there.

Taking the scenic route, are we?

*rolls eyes at snarky self*

See, the hibernation caused (brought a halt to) a rather important daily routine. Having not been in hibernation consciously before, I wasn’t completely aware that I let some favorite things slide. Like daily readings. But I wanted to do SOME reading. so I decided that I’d read once a month while in my cave.

That brings us to this moment in time.

My chosen day was the first of the month. Over the last year since I’ve returned to reading (my Tarot cards – not to be confused with the reading books kind of reading – that’s a whole lot more simple thing to do), I had daily reflections, which were readings I did in the mornings, starting off my day with a nice Theme, Guide, Meditation, and Hidden Knowledge spread. It was an old friend, since the first days of learning to read. It was comfortable, and I liked it more than the daily draw, which was a simple one card reading. I like seasoning, expansion, elaboration.

But to use a spread for a month, required another rather well structured spread which I call the Path Practice Persona. The reading’s done, and I’m ready to face the month with gusto (or maybe something akin to hope?).

I’m posting it next, so anyone who might be interested in the fine art of Tarot readings, is welcome to the process. Three ingredients. What did I make out of the chaos? See ya there.


25 Days, 25 Songs

25 songs 25 days

I suspect, anyone who has come to know me, understands that there is no life without music. It is the be all, end all of my days. So, of course, when I came across this ‘challenge?’ on KittyKat – Bits and Bobs site, I had to jump in on the fun.

Let us begin:

Day 1 (starting of a new month):

A song from my childhood.

Hmmm… define childhood. I mean, are they talking first , or 2nd or 3rd? And let’s assume they mean my actual childhood, I’d have to go from the memory of a first song. But it wouldn’t just encompass that day. The span of a childhood could be a decade. Let’s assume they mean anywhere from birth to my teen years.

Hold that thought – looking…

Geez, and I wanted to begin this on March 1.

Let’s pretend it’s not past midnight. In fact, if I lived in California, it would still be yesterday. Good enough for me.

Song one

Mac The Knife – Bobby Darrin

While I don’t know if this counts, because I am not sure I remember it back then, this is from my childhood years, and in fact, is currently on my playlist, and has been for decades. I was a huge fan of Bobby Darin’s though more so later on when I started listening to my own songs, not necessarily influenced by my brother (older by 2-1/2 years).

Next up Day Two (come back later today)