I Can Name That Song In Three Notes

Tuesday Treasured Tidbits 

I think this one is obvious. 25 Songs, 25 Days. I couldn’t have asked for more of a treasure trove! Yesterday, purusing some blogs, I came across this totally fabulous sorta/kinda event. Oh my gosh! This is like 25 days of not only total bliss, but 25 days of doing what the Year of The Lovers (6th Major Arcana) is all about! Following my passions, and listening, finding, experiencing music is so high up on the list that it makes everything else pale in comparison. I’m only on day 2 (yes, I know, I am using today for both day one and day two, because it got past midnight March 1st while I was writing the post. If you look at it, (through my eyes) if I haven’t gone to sleep for the night, then it’s still yesterday, which was the case… which is closed. In the words of Mr. Quantum, “So long, until next time, again.”

Thank you to EMGNDESIGNS for giving us an Event which brings us back to our happy place!


The Reading

As promised, I give you the PATH PRACTICE PERSONA reading I did on March 1. It is the follow up to my Touching Base With Myself post.

This is a really nice little spread  for a 3 card reading which I did weekly for quite a while back in ’14. It is a spread which consists of the positions of PATH, PRACTICE, and PERSONA. One reason I like it, is an aspect of using Tarot that I particularly love; playing with the cards. The idea is to split the deck up into 3 piles. The card which will represent the PATH consists of the Major Arcana, and the four Aces. The PATH is like the THEME idea. The question for this card is, “What Path will it best serve me to walk this week?” You shuffle, shuffle, shuffle. Then cut, and pic the card off the top of this pile.

So for this month, my PATH will be Bindweed.


I’m calling the Reading (I love to title my readings) The Bindweed Factor not necessarily because it is the first card drawn and comes into Position one which is the PATH. Mostly because it sounds cool. (in traditional decks, this card is known as The Devil). It gets lots of groans, and bemoaning, when pulled, because it’s misunderstood, like the infamous Death card is.

What Bindweed is all about is temptation, but what this card is really telling me is that it is time to take notice, as I make my way through the month, of the stumbling block of falling into old ways of thinking that don’t serve me at all. Don’t disaster think, for instance. Be aware of the temptation to step into the potholes which I know always bring me into my negative thought patterns. The KEY here is awareness of myself. It’s about mindfulness. If I walk through each day with mindfulness – and it’s a bit difficult to always be there (okay, it’s a LOT difficult) – then I can catch myself when I’m in a toxic thought pattern, which gives me a choice to get away from that sticky wicket. What am I about to do which might pull me away from living authentically? But, if I should step into the dung heap of temptation, no tantrums are worth the misstep; acknowledge it, accept it, and then to move on. No rubber necking allowed. And no bad mouthing myself for it. Seeking mindfulness in each moment affords me to live freely from that which does not serve my best interests.

Okay, so that’s pile number one.

Pile Two (or what’s behind curtain number two) is the PRACTICE which will best help me to move along this PATH. This second pile consists of the minor arcana, the number cards 2 through 10 – remember, we had the 1s or Aces in with the Majors. We also separate out the People Cards (Kings, Queens, Knights and Pages – traditional deck Court cards). Again, shuffle, cut, draw. I get the 10 of AIR.


The Deck I use is Gaian Path specific, so it actually has a different take on the traditional Swords suit.

The Ten of Air as a practice to help me walk my path works well as a companion card to Bindweed. The tens are about completion, thus, are transition cards. Air/Swords governs the realm of Thought and communication. The Ten, thus, speaks of not getting caught up in negative thinking. It says, I have a choice. I can actually decide not to go into that lion’s den of self-loathing, or other such negative byways. As you can see in the image, the Geese are migrating, away. It’s like their saying, “I’m SO finished with that Brouhaha.”  It suggests heading  away from that tempting place ahead which I know from past experience, will disallow forward movement.  Yup, leave that addictive thinking behind.

Pile Three is the People cards, which represents the PERSONA I should adopt during this month, to help me practice and allow me to walk a successful path. Persona actually speaks of attitudes and behaviors I bring to life’s daily journey.

Today’s Persona is the Guardian of Air ( (aka Queen of Swords in a traditional deck).

Gaian Guardian Air

I think of this card as the ‘ah ah ah’ Lady. You know, the mother who wags her finger at you when you’re doing something which she thinks is unacceptable.  She tells me not to go there. She’s not going to stand for foolishness, dilly dallying, and such much. So, my attitude should be one where, if I see I’m heading for disaster, I’ve got to assume the behaviors of this no-nonsense gal. If I see my practice is not working, my attitude should be one of purposeful thought. Slap my hand as I’m reaching for the fire, type of behavior.

Looks out at the reader.

Oh dear, I’ve lost you…
Ah, Ah, ah, says The Guardian of Air

See how that worked? Nice, huh?

That’s my reading, and I’m sticking to it.

25 Songs, 25 Days

Day Two – A song that reminds me of my most recent ex-boyfriend/girlfriend:

Hmmm… I’m married 18 years (this coming May), so when was that last boyfriend… that ex? I need some definition…

Does it count if I’ve hung out with someone, for a couple of years, and had flirtations, but no real intimacy? I wonder if I should do a poll?

I’m going with, no he wasn’t really a boyfriend. He was just a friend who was a boy. Thinking further back… No, that was the same situation… best friends in college, and afterwards as well, and one tryst, and in the end, it turns out he was gay. That’s not an ex-boyfriend.

Moving on. Oh I know. The Colleague. We dated, took it to the next level… that constitutes a boyfriend. Now we’re cooking. So, what song reminds me of him….?

As to why: Life with him was probably risky in several ways. I can’t recall if we were going against some rules when we began seeing each other because of working together. There was a lot beneath the surface. I wouldn’t call him a rebel, but I’ll bet he would have liked to think of himself as one. The whole time, I’d describe as us ‘dancing around’ things, a bit like dancing with the waves, where you step in toward the water, and retreat as the surf rushes up toward you, and I’m speaking for the way both of us acted toward each other.

I listened to quite many songs, trying to put my finger what song made me think of him. I know we didn’t have an us song. It was in the 80s, so when I came across this song, and listened to the words, I’d say it best described the situation.