I Can Name That Song In Three Notes

Tuesday Treasured Tidbits 

I think this one is obvious. 25 Songs, 25 Days. I couldn’t have asked for more of a treasure trove! Yesterday, purusing some blogs, I came across this totally fabulous sorta/kinda event. Oh my gosh! This is like 25 days of not only total bliss, but 25 days of doing what the Year of The Lovers (6th Major Arcana) is all about! Following my passions, and listening, finding, experiencing music is so high up on the list that it makes everything else pale in comparison. I’m only on day 2 (yes, I know, I am using today for both day one and day two, because it got past midnight March 1st while I was writing the post. If you look at it, (through my eyes) if I haven’t gone to sleep for the night, then it’s still yesterday, which was the case… which is closed. In the words of Mr. Quantum, “So long, until next time, again.”

Thank you to EMGNDESIGNS for giving us an Event which brings us back to our happy place!

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