Nature does mathematics sculpture well. Last night that was just a lump of ice, but with the warm breath (temps rose above freezing during the early morning today) of air, the triangle appeared.


This is just outside our dining room window.

Thank you once again to Karl at Learning To Paint for this opportunity to find the Weird in Wednesday!


25 Songs, 25 Days

Day Three: A song that reminds me of one/both my parents.

The weird synchronicity of this question on this day is that it is my father’s sister’s birthday. But I thought of my mother when I first read this, and I’m going with that.

I originally was going to use The Boogie Woogie, as it’s a record I grew up hearing around the house when my mother was playing her favorite songs. But the version of it wasn’t what I actually have on a 45 rpm record that was in my mother’s collection.

The song I chose, instead was another one, favorite of mine as well, that was also on the phonograph when I was growing up, called The Crazy Otto

I would say the optimum word here is that I remember it from those formidible years. The song is evocative of the fun and happiness I felt being my mother’s daughter. It also reminds me of her family, of the gatherings with aunts and uncles, and cousins, and all the friends of the family, and the music that came out of that environment. It was a party. There were people laughing in the background, just as is heard in this record. I can almost hear the clinking of the glasses, as we all gathered at my grandparent’s house, and later at my aunt’s house.

Those were the days, and life was simpler (I was a kid, which was way more simple from where I stood back then).

What could be better than something she actually loved, and chose to buy and share with her children?