25 Songs, 25 Days

Day 4: A song that calms you down

This is an easy one. I have had several over the years. At different times in life, music flows into my world, bringing me peace of mind, and a sense of calm. Hanshan Temple Chant became my most recent go-to song when I needed to climb back down off the ceiling.

It puts me into a cycle of moving meditation, not so far removed from doing Tai Chi Chuan. From the beginning gong, wrapping myself in the gentle melody, and drinking in the equally warmhearted voices.Β  Everything becomes slow, beautiful movement, and I am floating.


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  1. badfish2
    Mar 05, 2015 @ 05:00:43

    Well, it’s certainly not Bob Seger. But definitely nice to listen to. Does it come in a longer version? I need something for an hour or more…to do yoga with.

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    • Fimnora Westcaw
      Mar 05, 2015 @ 06:19:42

      I have a 23 minute version, and I have found a few other hour or more similar music on Youtube.

      No, it’s not Bob Seger, but I like him for more upbeat stuff, Fire Lake, Against The Wind, Old time RocknRoll. There’s one nice romantic type of song he does, Somewhere Tonight. I LOVE Turn The Page. And Seger’s is my favorite, tho Metallica does it pretty good.

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  2. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature
    Mar 05, 2015 @ 13:59:35

    For some reason, my computer won’t let me hear what you post. Even if I click it and it takes me to youtube. I love your music choices. I haven’t heard this one, and want to. I will try other things. Grrrr

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  3. Vagrant Rhodia
    Mar 06, 2015 @ 00:43:54

    What a fun challenge! I may have to join in πŸ™‚

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  5. avsweb1
    Mar 09, 2015 @ 05:36:08

    Great relaxing music…



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