Guatamala: Land of Trees

Not my own pictures, but I took a tour of certain things Guatamalan.

Guatamala means The Land of Trees! I just knew there was something about it that spoke to me.

The first thing I noticed on my way there was their flag, but more importantly their Coat of Arms:


It made me wonder, if I had my very own coat of arms, belonging to who I am, and representing me, myself and I, what would it look like? I actually liked Guatamala’s Coat of Arms.

Next on my trip, is one of the odd little interests I have, and tend to visit them where ever I go, are cemeteries. Especially the really old ones, and well, the exquisitely interesting one in Guatamala, that made me think of a song by John Cougar Mellancamp, “Little Pink Houses.” No connection what so ever, just the way my mind works.


From the small to the rather large?


Then I found in Antigua – did I know it was in Guatamala? – This beautiful archtecture. Old regal buildings, cobble stone streets! The history that echoes through them!


And just the colors, the quality of antiquity which speaks at every street corner.


The richness of color is shown in the very cloth woven there. I have a hanging on my wall, from where, I have no clue, but with the kind of endless possibilities, it could very well be from Guatamala.


Adiós y gracias por todos los peces


That Thing Called Love

Cupid’s Arrow:

[Write an ode to someone or something you love. Bonus points for poetry]

I do not know
Does it matter
You bring me woe
A place beyond words
The refrain flows
Scatters with the wind
Taking the mind with

To bathe in lush, sweet melody
To wrap it like swaddling
yet not coercion

Like dragonflies
dance about,
landing, then flitting
in love with a flower

within its weaving
willing in submission
consenting to its thrill
drinking my fill,
no, nay, I seek to sate

Then live to dance another day

25 Songs, 25 Days

Day 5: A song that is often stuck in your head

I’m laughing here. I just sat through 19 songs trying to cut what’s going around in my head to one song. That’s almost impossible. But I managed to figure out which one goes around the most lately; which one I can’t wait for it to come up on my playlist when I’ve got my headphones on.

So why Sail? Because it’s got an edge to it. It’s got a darkness in it, and it balances things out. Can’t tip the scales. Need to keep it even, and when there’s too much of one thing, then it’s time for the other. SAIL won out, fair and square. It’s got a counterpoint to it. I can’t help but raise my arm up in a solidarity motion on that point.

It starts out like a mystery, like walking down a dark alley toward an unknown. Then you hear that deep fuzz base. It’s the kind of song that makes me want to pump up the volume.

I first heard it on the tv show, Longmire, and I had to find out what it was the minute the show ended. There’s a sense of getting drawn into something, and by the end, you’re la la la la la la la oh, singing along with it, giving it that punctuation, and then it begins to soften, leaving you wanting.