Pioneer Days

Tuesday Treasured Tidbits  brought to us by EMGNDesigns is here!

My treasured tidbit comes from a Badfish.

So much about blogging is what goes on in between the posts. Badfish Out Of Water and I had this interesting conversation about woodburning stoves, the kind that you cook on. Somewhere along that line his own story reminded me that I’d not only known two people who had one, (in this day and age) but I’d had one when I was out in Colorado, and spent time in a cabin up in Poudre Canyon, outside of Fort Collins. How could I have forgotten? A lot of great things came from my sojourns out there. This is one:

It was in the middle of 1975 (or ’76) that I headed back out to Colorado; a place I’d been meaning to go after spending time there between 1970 and 1971. The last semester of college, I decided that I had to be out there again. I had one course to go before I graduated, and I figured I could do it out there – it was a do-over course anyway. I even wrote to a college out there to ask them if I could take this class at the university there. I got a yes, and told my advisor, who said I wasn’t allowed to do that, but does that kind of thing ever stop me? No. So I told him, I was going out there. I was prepared to drop out of college in my senior year, 4 credits short of graduating. He relented, and sent me on my way out to the ‘wild west.’

When I get out there (this is the real story), I had to find a place to stay until I could get everything settled. I rented a cabin up in the Canyon, which backed on the Cache La Poudre river.


I started my adventure, pioneer style, like I was out in The Big Country, wood burning stove for cooking, and everything. We didn’t even have running water (that was fun – NOT), but did manage to bring water into the cabin in pots and pans from the river that ‘ran through it’ or through the backyard.

It had been SO long since I remembered that, it was like finding a treasure! What memories.


25 Songs, 25 Days

Day 9 – A song that makes me hopeful

“I believe in the good things coming!” the first line in Black as Night by Nakho Bear and Medicine for the People, makes me hopeful that the world will come together as one, and we will heal the Planet. It makes me feel that the thread has gone unbroken, and that in each generation there are those who represent peace, and that music brings us all together, like in the video. When I see young people following the path that many have walked before them, it’s encouraging, and brings hope.