25 Songs, 25 Days

Day 11 – A Song on the soundtrack from my favorite movie

Once again, I find it difficult to pick just one movie as my favorite, and more importantly, since this is about music, it almost is more about a favorite song from a movie I loved.

Honorable mentions must be given to:

The Lost Boys: Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me

West Side Story – America

Harry Potter spanning all of the films and the music

Lord of The Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

But the winner is… because I loved the movie, and equally so, loved the music:

Star Wars A New Hope Chapter IV

The Throne Room/End Titles

Here is why this made it to numero uno.

I recall, back after the movie came out, I was living in Colorado. This was just around the time where they were opening theaters with more than one screening room. Having seen the film quite many times, was typical. Not so typical is that when I would go to the theater to watch another movie, where Star Wars was playing as well, when I would leave the first screening room, Starwars would just be ending, and I’d go inside and stand at the back of the theater to just┬álisten to that magnificent soundtrack end credits.