25 Songs, 25 Days

Day 13 – a song that reminds me of a former friend

Wild Summer Nights – John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band

Once was, I and a friend, who I’d known since college, set out on a quest. The idea hit us one day, sitting in a Howard Johnson’s talking about what we wanted to do. It was summer, we were young and were ripe for taking on a world we only knew from the outside, looking in.

“Let’s start a magazine.” Magical words. We’d been up and down the east coast music club circuit. She was a photographer, and I, a writer. We were young enough to believe that if we wanted it, we could get it.

We kept on doing what we were doing, heading out to clubs, but with the added ability to get the inside scoop on life playing music, trying to make it to bigger arenas.

The most memorable night from those days took us to New Haven, Connecticut, where we were at a club, watching John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown band. These are the guys behind the voice and music for the movie Eddie and the Cruisers (which came out a couple of years later), but they were the essence of that Jersey Shore sound, Stone Pony regulars. Great tunes, and definitely danceable. I found myself really ‘groovin’ to the music that night, and danced around letting the music take me where it wanted, which happened to be on a table at the side of the stage.

As the band played their last song, a woman selling flowers came over, and handed me a rose. She pointed to a young man, and said he bought it for me. We talked for a few moments, and he said he enjoyed me, enjoying the songs. Why that was just about the nicest thing. Such unexpected moments are what made those our Wild Summer Nights!

I haven’t seen my friend for well over 15 years. People go in different directions. But every now and then, a song comes along that reminds me of her.