25 Songs, 25 Day

Day 15 – A song I love to sing along with

How do you cut down a list of songs you love singing along to, when you pretty much sing along to any song that comes on?

I suppose you can just list them all… this is my post and I’m not gonna take it anymore… cutting out, cutting down, and taking all the fun away.

Okay, realistically speaking, it says A – in quotes – song, so I can look at it this way. I got to listen all day, and sing along all day to these songs.

But I actually I made a criteria, at some point when it started getting on dinner time. No song can be included if I can’t remember the words, or if I don’t know the words. There is a difference. Not remembering, means I knew them once. But not knowing means, I have no idea what the heck fire they are. I make up my own, half the time. There have been Youtubes, I think, about the silly lyrics people believe are being sung. The boy-was-my-face-red type of hearing wrong.

So, now I have three songs left… sitting there, hanging out (sort of like that ‘thing’ in The American President – and if you didn’t see the movie, you gotta watch it to find out what that thing is). Two are songs I definitely know. One is a bit iffy, but I found a YT with lyrics, so does that count?

Okay, no.

Now I have two songs. How to choose? I mean, the other song will get an honorable mention, as I’ve been doing lately in this here little blogging event. But which, I ask you, which one gets the gold ring?

oh wait… eenie, meenie, miney (?) Mo

No. I don’t like that. It landed on the other song.

Oh, hmmm… that must mean the real song I love to sing along to is:

Honorable Mention goes to:

Fernando – ABBA


I Need A Hero – Bonnie Tyler

The other songs elminated, because I know ya’ll just won’t be able to go to sleep without knowing…

Diamonds and Rust – Joan Baez

Sweet Surrender – John Denver (it was my about me song, so I thought I wanted not to repeat anything).

The Hourglass Song – Robby Benson

Bird on a Wire – Katey Sagal

Christmas Vacation – National Lampoon CV movie

The Power of Love – Celine Dion

You Light Up My Life – Debbie Boone

If You Want to sing out, sing out – from Harold and Maude

Oh, and Everything At Once – Lenka, is a song I’m gonna learn the words to because it would be in the honorable mentions above if I just sit down and write it all out.

I can’t even imagine what I’ll answer when they ask me what my favorite song is… I don’t think I can choose. But that’s down the line.