The Great Escape – Part Two

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He tried to be as still as possible, peaking through the leaves, wondering if they were still out there. He’d seen the guy head off down the trail across from where he knelt. The girl was still sitting by her knapsack, unwrapping another ration. He waited a few more minutes, then retreated back down the path, away from where the new arrivals had landed.

While he didn’t know who they were, he knew where they had come from. His job had been to watch for these people. Now it was a matter of what to do with them.

A mile down, following the twisting, turning trail, he considered what needed to be done, but memories of the last attempted retrieval left his team rather skittish. These kids who were dropped from the ‘heavens’ as it were, did not know where they were. They did not know how to find ‘the others,’ and every one of them seemed to be carrying The Weapon.

He arrived, finally, at base camp.

“Well?” Carson asked.

“There are two, a boy and a girl,” Rod replied. “They had the zat with them.”

“Why do they always arm them?” Danielle inquired.

“Freedom doesn’t know who they’re going to run into first.” Rod mused.

“Go on, then.” Carson brought the converation back to point.

“She’s still in place. Eating. He’s gone off to find food.”

“Hunting’s not good.”  Danielle exclaimed. “That’ll draw attention to them!”

The three sat around a fire, downwind from the landing site. Each ate quietly from plastic containers. Putting his food down, Carson stood. “I’ll go keep watch.” Pulling on a jacket, he picked up a flashlight from the supplies laid out in the back of a pick-up truck. “Radio back to the group, and let them know.”

Rod and Danielle nodded in tandem and watched their companion head up the trail.

Climbing into the truck’s cab, Rod picked up the CB handset. “Star Searcher,” he spoke into the small transmitter. “This is Road Runner, come in.”

The wait was short, and static broke the silence, before a voice came through. “This is Star Searcher. Whatcha got, Road Runner?”

“Two, in the bush. A male and a female. How do you want us to proceed?”

There was a brief silence and then a moment more of static. “Keep an eye out for the night to make sure there’s no more coming in. Then retrieve them.”

“Due force?” Rod asked.

“Only if needed.”

“They have The Weapon.”

Silence ensued, briefly. “Do you have the tranq?”


“Enough for both?”

“Yeah,” Rod answered. “We do.”

“Okay. What ever’s needed, do. Just get them down here.

Danielle was putting away the last of the food, and policing the area. She looked at Rod, questioningly.

“We’re bringing them in tomorrow.” Rod said.

  ~  ~  ~  ~

At the specific place the couple had come to rest after descent, Carson saw the ground littered with the odds and ends of the space suits. He felt more like a garbage picker, sometimes, than a handler. He wondered at what these kids had been taught, after their reconditioning. Gathering the pieces together, he stowed them in a large evidence bag, garnered from the local law enforcement.

Looking around for a few moments, he made sure no trace was left. The same trail which they two had followed out to the cliff’s edge, gave Carson a pefect view of their comings and goings.

So far, it seemed nothing had changed since. The female was still  seated, a half opened ration package in her hand, as she stared out over the panorama. She was still, in the same way those in meditation often sat. Carson didn’t think she’d be a problem at all. As for the male, he’d yet to find him. But find him, he would.

A sound broke through the peace and quiet of the late afternoon. It was distincly like the sound of a lightning strike. Seconds later, there was a whooping, like the way certain birds call out, yet the tenor of the sound was made with human vocal chords.

Like a bull crashing through the brush, Carson saw the male come barreling back onto the mountain top. “I got it!” he shouted, stopping in front of his companion, and dropping an indistinguishable furry mass to the ground.

The girl wrinkled up her nose. “Ewe. Get that away from me!” She pulled her pack closer to her body, and swivled away from the dead thing.

“It’s food!”

She pushed herself away from it. “No, asshole, it’s a smelly furry something that you killed. Who’s gonna skin it, and clean it, and cook it.”

He stood there looking at her.

“Uh uh, no way. I’m not touching that.” She turned her back on him and his catch of the day.

“Okay. I’ll take care of it.” He conceded and picked up the body, bringing it over to a flat rock. “I asked you to get a fire started.”

“Well, it’s not like I have anything to start it with, is there?” She gestured to the musket like piece, with a clapper opening at one end. “Why don’t you use that?”

“Well at least help me set up the fire pit.”

Carson slipped back down the trail, grabbing the sack of the tattered suits, and headed back to base camp. The fixing of the meal would keep them busy, and there was time to find out what orders came from Star Searcher.

As he entered camp, he held up the evidence bag. “The space suits, or what’s left of them.”

“Put them in the truck,” Rod said.

“So what did the group say?”

Danielle took the bag from Carson. “We collect tomorrow.”

“What are they up to, anyway?” Rod inquired.

“The hunt was a success, and dinner is being prepared,” Carson answered, heading over to stoke their little fire.

“Why don’t we just go get them now?” Danielle suggested.

Rod shook his head. “Best to do it while they’re sleeping. Easier to sedate.”

She nodded, agreeing. “So what’s the plan?”

“I’ll go back and keep an eye on them,” Carson suggested. “You two get some sleep. I’ll be back before dawn and we can pack up, and go fetch them.”

“Okay. We’ll ready the tranq guns.” Danielle put aside the two syringes. “and stow everything but the tent. First light we’re on the road.”

As he started back up the trail, he nodded. “It’s a plan.”

“Hey.” Rod called after him. “Be careful.”

  ~  ~  ~  ~

Across the canyon, hands adjusted the focus on a pair of binoculars. The sun, as it set, would not glint off the lenses, because it was behind the viewer.


A Brighter Day

The ground, she appears
From beneath her blanket of snow
Brown hues, dried leaves
All which sleeps below

It rises, in oozing islands
Amid the white, the drifts
Like mini cliffs of Dover
And moving symphonic riffs

The counterpoint, in cheeps and churps
Cheery songs with unknown words
Seeps merrily to my eager ear
Spring love tunes from happy birds

EMGN DESIGNS Presents:  Tuesday Treasured Tidbits

If I had a hammer, I’d hang a lotta pictures

Wall to Wall

[What do you display on the walls of your home — photos, posters, artwork, nothing? How do you choose what to display? What mood are you trying to create?]

I think I’ve grown a little since the days of my teen angst youth. I had any number of band posters adorning my walls. But that was just my room.

Before I got married, and when I lived in Wisconsin, in an apartment, I thought it would be cool to put up sconces, and I lit most of the rooms with candles. I even had a kerosine lamp or two on desks, or tables.

When I got married, we both continued a passion I’d gotten from my folks: calendars. We didn’t just buy one, to stretegically hang in a handy place. We bought four or five each and adorned our doors, and walls with them. Now we continue that tradition, but also have gone the route of wall hangings, some Southwestern in flavor, one possibly from Guatamala, in the bedroom, along with Spirit Sticks and two Dreamcatchers.

Back in the living room, at the top of the stairs, we have a floor to ceiling towel with scenes from Star Trek.

I got particularly decorative when we moved in here, and put up seasonal hangings on the wall which rises up to the top floor. Each one gets put on the front door, in it’s time of the year. Our Yule wreath is still there, because I don’t have a Spring decoration yet.

There are a couple pictures, of our family – Mr.  Quantum’s Great Grandpappy, and one of my Great Grandmother. Of course, our kitties grace that wall as well. Cappie the Sock Monkey is pressing me to put pics of him and his bride Tess, the alpaca, and their little Alponkey daughter, Claire.

There’s this nice old antique barometer, of the very old kind, with the glass filled with a nice blue tinted water, that should drip when the barometer goes in which ever direction it goes toward overflowing. There are two others, antiques, one up here, next to the family pictures, and one downstairs. There’s a cockcoo clock from Germany, my folks acquired during World War II, and the hallway heading down from the living room to the bedrooms are lined with pics, or calendars; one side for Mr. Quantum’s and the other for mine.

I’m reminded that we’ve placed floor mats, of nice wine, and fruit still life, on our kitchen wall since they didn’t work well as floor mats. There’s a hanging of the Irish Blessing, and I can’t say whether it is actually a wall hanging, but we put the valances from our previous kitchen windows up around the door ways into the kitchen.
And lest I forget, I have a Chinese caligraphy of the kanji which is the word, Chaos.

We have kept about five paintings from the many, many hanging around the house. They are originals which my parents either had commissioned from a Greenwich Village artist duirng one of the annual art shows they used to have down there. Four of them, two of which are hung in the spaces above the windows in the livingroom, and the other two remain in the bedroom above the closet doors. And one that my uncle painted, which is a favorite of mine, hanging on one livingroom wall.

Oh, and did I mention there are two little wooden shelves, which are bracketed to one bedroom wall. There is a vase (from Greece, I think) with dried flowers in it, and a statue candle holder of Kokopelli. And a corner three teired shelf behind our caddycorner bed with some woodsy scenes, and southwestern pottery.

This of course doesn’t really count the downstairs, except for the afore mentioned barometer. But we do have one wall down there, over the fireplace which is dedicated to all things Sea. Wonderful motifs of little fishing villages, and a wondrous collection of Boson’s heads representing all manner of ocean faring men, from pirates, to fishermen (my own grandfather being one of those who fished the waters of the Labrador), to Ocean liner captains, and beyond. The rest of the walls, not mentioned are floor to ceiling bookcases, built in, which is why my folks bought this house in the first place.