25 Songs, 25 Days

Day 17 – A song that makes me want to dance.

Dancing is one of my favorite things to do. I’ve been dancing since I was a little girl. Like many girls, I’m sure, I took dance lessons. It was modern jazz. And some of the songs still hold muscle memory. Though I don’t get very far after the first few steps, before I realize, I don’t remember what goes next.

Heading into high school, I even tried out for The High School of Performing Arts, (the movie, Fame, was about that school). I didn’t get in, but it never stopped me from dancing when and where I could. I even managed, in high school, to get out of taking gym, by taking dance.

SO, what song makes me want to dance?

Of late (and that covers a couple of decades) here are just a few. See if you want to get on your feet and ‘Trip the Light Fantastic.’

The Top Four – strike that… – six in my current dance-out are:

Crazy All My Life – Daniel Powter

I’m Alive – Michael Franti

Let’s Get Loud – Jennifer Lopez

Medicine Man – Soundtrack – Rae’s Arrival

Smooth – Santana

Misty Blue – Sasha & Twitch

Fun Facts and Quizzes

Who Am I?

Or, how about, who do I write like?

I came across this in a post from a new follower, KYROSMAGICA, and there was this little quiz thing, where you can put in a couple of paragraphs from something you wrote, and it analyzes your writing style, and tells you who you write like.

So I tried. Someone named William Gibson, is apparently my style. I shrugged, and found another of my stories, and did it again. Now I write like Ursula Le Guin. Another I’ve not heard of. Mr. Quantum has. He thought that was a cool style. Believe me, not knowing these authors has nothing to do with these writers not being known to others, only to my own tunnel vision on authors I tend to read.

Going on. I also write like Ray Bradbury, Oscar Wilde, Arthur C. Clarke, Somebody really obscure, I can’t remember. A last try now brings up the name Dan Brown! WOW, Dan Brown? Really. Can I make his money?

But it makes me think, am I a vehicle for various and sundry others who ghost write through me? And wouldn’t THAT be an interesting story?

Of course, the authors I love most, probably wouldn’t show up in an analysis of my work. Oh well, it was fun.