25 Songs, 25 Days

Day 17 – A song that makes me want to dance.

Dancing is one of my favorite things to do. I’ve been dancing since I was a little girl. Like many girls, I’m sure, I took dance lessons. It was modern jazz. And some of the songs still hold muscle memory. Though I don’t get very far after the first few steps, before I realize, I don’t remember what goes next.

Heading into high school, I even tried out for The High School of Performing Arts, (the movie, Fame, was about that school). I didn’t get in, but it never stopped me from dancing when and where I could. I even managed, in high school, to get out of taking gym, by taking dance.

SO, what song makes me want to dance?

Of late (and that covers a couple of decades) here are just a few. See if you want to get on your feet and ‘Trip the Light Fantastic.’

The Top Four – strike that… – six in my current dance-out are:

Crazy All My Life – Daniel Powter

I’m Alive – Michael Franti

Let’s Get Loud – Jennifer Lopez

Medicine Man – Soundtrack – Rae’s Arrival

Smooth – Santana

Misty Blue – Sasha & Twitch


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. calensariel
    Mar 19, 2015 @ 16:06:33

    Oh Lord! Misty Blue with Sasha and Twitch is one of my all-time favorites on SYTYCD. Twtich is our all-time favorite dancer. In fact, our cat is named after him! (Though she’s a Miss.) I have that video pinned on my SYTYCD board. I’m so excited to find another fan! (I didn’t know ANY of the rest of them. LOL)

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    • Fimnora Westcaw
      Mar 19, 2015 @ 16:35:01

      Oh my gosh! They were great!!!

      How do you pin a video to a board? OH, you mean Pinterest? DUH it just struck me, where did I hear about boards. THAT’S cool!!!

      I watched many many seasons of SYTYCD. What amazing dancers! And yes, Twitch is phenomenal! I think that’s such a cool name for a kitty! Except for Medicine Man (which was a wonderful movie) and I’ve had the soundtrack many years, the other ones are new to me, from last year – oh, and Smooth is not new either.

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  2. calensariel
    Mar 19, 2015 @ 16:14:20

    Have you seen this?

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