25 Songs, 25 Days

Day 18 – A song that I love, but rarely listen to

Back when I first found my way to the internet (before that, it was just all Prodigy), I met a woman from Portugal who introduced me to a singer, through an absolutely beautiful song. I couldn’t understand the words, but I got the passion, and pretended that the words I was mouthing, were actually what she was saying. I had no clue what the song is about, but I didn’t really care, since it’s brought me to such heights.

(I just looked it up, and she’s singing in Italian. And the English translation for the title of the song is “To the Stars.”


Spent le Estelle – Emma Shaplin



PICK THE WORLD! Seychelles


Today we visit: Seychelles

*The music of Seychelles is, and has always been, largely influenced by the instruments and the dance of the people who chose to make their homes here. So where did the Seychellois originally come from? Everywhere! This is why we call our country “the melting pot of cultures.”

JAKIM – MET PARE – seen below bringing his music to us

*From the arrival of our early ancestors, regardless of their origins, Seychellois were convivial people – friendly and always looking for a good time. Like our people, then, the mix of musical (and dance) styles adopted and created by Seychellois people reflects the diversity of cultures that exist harmoniously, influencing one other and often overlapping.

Kanmtole dancing – Listen and see if your feet don’t get to tappin’

Seychelles traditional dance

*Instruments in Seychelles The African settlers brought with them the bomb (also spelled “bonm”) and zez. Both are instruments with a single string. They also brought drums made of animal skin. The bomb and zez are solo instruments. Traditionally they were most often played on outer islands, where musical entertainment had not previously existed. Songs and lyrics that accompanied these instruments were slow and soft in nature and usually described island life in that era.

*Information from Wikipedia

*The introduction of the drum also inspired Sega music
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LtTAao2tO0, which included a bare-footed dance around

a bonfire.


March 20, 2015

Turning of the Wheel


QUESTION: How should I move through this time of awakening?

 THEME: Child of Water

A new season begins and as it is with new things, each day will bring new discoveries: snow blanket will melt, the first flowers will begin to pop up. It may be time to begin being “out” in the playground to witness these. Approach the waking world would awe, and excitement.

Bask in the warmth as it begins to embrace the Natural world. Laugh and play. Express my excitement with each new discovery and make note of these. This is the emergence of Little Girl Lost!

GUIDE: Child of Fire

Doing is key. Action! Going out and see. Creativity will arise from following my curiosity! This is the companion of Little Girl Lost. Everyone needs a companion!

MEDITATION: 13 Transformation

Release old ways and things which hold me back from moving forward! As The Mother transforms, so too can I. Don’t hold fast to something because it’s been part of my life all along. If it has lost its usefulness, release it. Spring Cleaning!


Create a balance between sleeping and waking, so action and passion can arise in its own time.


I note that the Child of Water and the Child of Fire are not facing each other. Child of Water just waking, and looking around. Child the Fire is up and ready to go. He is not waiting around because he is involved in his own curious journey. Transformation is about cleaning out what is no longer necessary. Once this is done, the Child of Water and the Child of Fire find each other, and face each other. This could represent a re-Marriage of Spirit.