25 songs, 25 Days

Day 19 – First song alphabetically on my mp3 playlist

‘Opie’s Wake’ – The Lost Boy

I have found so many songs, so much music in the background of TV shows, and the soundtracks of movies.

What draws me to a song? It might be a voice. It might be the music, the melody. It might be connected with the scene in which the song was played; something which touches me deep inside, for reasons I can’t even say why. I don’t know why. That’s part of my unfolding, and I won’t back away from something just because it is dark. Because we all have a part of us which is dark. It is the Yin and Yang.

This first song comes in that position because it’s got a quote mark before the first word. Alphabetically, it’s not in the right position. But it IS first on my MP3 player. So it gets played here. It’s on my play list for a combination of reasons. The character in the show, the situation for the that character, and for a line which speaks a great truth to me:

“I will not let my future go on, without the help of my Soul.”

I scrolled past the songs with numbers in them to find the actual one which would be the true alphabetical first. Oddly, both of these songs are from soundtracks, and both are dark and disturbing stories. So, in the end, either way, they really both are, a prayer for the dying.

A Prayer For The Dying – Original Soundtrack


Keeping the Celebration Going

International Day of Happiness (Friday)

A nod to SUSANRUSHTON.NET for bringing us to the Fount of Happiness so we may drink, and for providing the world with the most wonderful flowers that she has been sharing.

I’m a day late, and usually a dollar short, but I wanted to share the song I did have ready for International Day of Happiness.