25 songs, 25 days

Day 21 – My favorite song.

I figure, if you’ve been following along on this musical journey that you probably know this is an impossible thing for me to decide. If I’ve never said it (and I’m almost certain I have) I feel each song I listen to IS my favorite song.

So how does someone who feels so passionately about music make such a decision?

First, I just have to sit down and honestly listen to each and every song I have. I am fairly certain I can actually put a number of songs aside, temporarily. First, for reasons I feel are fair, if I’ve already included a song in the challenge, I will not use it again, which does iliminate 25 plus songs.

SO, off I go. If you don’t hear from me in a few days, assume I’ve been consumed by my listening and have gone on a ‘woodstock.’ No, I won’t have to worry about the brown acid (the bad brown acid) which would be metphorically circulating, because the only high I’ll be on, is from the music. I won’t even need to find a tent, or a spot by the stage, since, this very laptop IS my staging area.