25 Songs, 25 Days

Day 25 – A song I can listen to all day without getting tired of it.

It’s odd, but when I hit this place, and I considered what they were asking me, I realized, there isn’t a song out there that I could listen to all day without getting tired of it. I mean, there comes a point in repetition where I suddenly realize, ifย I listen to this one more time, I’m gonna break that blooming record, even, if when I first put it on it was like all the other songs… I LOVE IT. But consider the question. ALL DAY LONG???? It would ruin any song I love, never turning it off.

What’s a music lover, and a girl to do? Fess up, is what. Every song has its point of no return. This is a totally depressing moment! I have no song for you, or me.


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  1. somemaid
    Apr 01, 2015 @ 15:23:15

    Aggghhh! you got me. Good and proper. Thats the second one I’ve fallen for today as well. (possibly the third I nearly fell for a Guardian piece about a guy called Jeremy Clarkson but I twigged that one half way through.)

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    • Fimnora Westcaw
      Apr 01, 2015 @ 17:07:38

      It’s funny because there’s actually quite a bit of how I feel in that. But I do know of some songs which, I at least I think I could listen to all day long. I could be wrong, and psych myself out in the end ๐Ÿ™‚ I remember seeing the prompt a few days ago, and I thought, I don’t think there’s anything I could actually write that wouldn’t get nabbed. It’s a great coincidence that the 25th song day, happened to fall on April 1st. ๐Ÿ™‚
      I will actually be posting in a day or two what I feel meets the criteria, and I’m also going to post The 42 which I talked about in the ‘favorite’ song post.

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  2. calensariel
    Apr 01, 2015 @ 21:27:06




  3. badfish
    Apr 01, 2015 @ 22:37:24

    You’re a creep. I think the only song I could listen to all day would be one of Deva Premal’s Sanskrit chants. Almost any one of those. But no pop or R&R or Blues song. Not even Against the Wind or Roll Me Away…and you know I LOVE those.

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  4. julz
    Apr 02, 2015 @ 00:25:15

    good one!

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