Twisted Sister

Awe fuck! I mean fudge. You know, fudge, like in the yummy stuff. Anyway, so I went and wrote this whole thing – and no my dog didn’t eat my home work. I went and wrote this whole thing, and just scribbled, as much as a keyboard can scribble, and it probably was good, but now I’m thinking well, hells bells, how can I put this down, even though they said to just write, which I did. But then I finish, and I look at the screen, do a, am I loose yet inner dialogue. And I call Mr Quantum to listen to it, but then I switch to the assignment page and actually read it.

Seriously!?! I missed the part where it was supposed to be 20 minutes. I don’t know how long it was that I wrote. Could have been 20. We determined that we came in here at 9:40, and I was stopped, staring at the screen giving it the 3rd degree about being loose, and it was around 10:12, so maybe it was, but then again, maybe it wasn’t.

So, who cares? Like there’s some university writing 101 police sitting on my shoulder, the little kind, like the weird little creatures people expect us to believe sit there whispering in our ears about all manner of interesting things, about doing what feels good, vs doing what’s right…

HA! there’s that right and wrong thing again. Always coming up on that. Shhhhh…. I’m writing.

So well, now I’m at a sort of lull. my wrists hurt, or are numb from typing twice. And …. *raises my hand up sort of at eye level, and passes it from left to right, and in my best Meg Ryan voice, say, “Blank”*  just like in “You’ve Got Mail.” Did you see that?  It was great. Yes, yes, big romantic comedy watcher here, among other things… Of course, those other things are totally counter to that nice girl part of me.

Watching The Walking Dead… just got the last season, that ended March 31 or something like that, and I’m really looking forward to the next episode tonight. Though I have to say, they’re splitting it up. I suppose that’s the kind of thing which they have to do, you know? Too many people now. Like they did in the last season of Stargate Atlantis. Geez Louise, they pretty much paired off all the characters, and had the eps being all about just two. Really disappointing, though the end was pretty good.

So, again. I stop. Is it time yet. Mr Q is keeping time.

Nine minutes to go.
Level 9 – great show.
Number Nine, number nine, number nine. Wasn’t that in a Beatles song? I’m gonna look that up. I should know. Music Maven (is that the way to spell that word?).
Ninety nine bottles of beer on the wall. I’m in a car, and we’re driving. Driving me crazy. Crazy like a Fox… Foxy Lady Jimi Hendrix. I remember my first METAL concert was Hendrix. Madison Square Garden. It was … &%*$(#% good.
Oh really…. you can start this off with an awe fuck, but can’t say fucking down here. What’s up with that?????

You know, I wanted to make a nice impression on folks. Don’t want them to think ill of me. And… Wow, Richard. I remember how he was. Sitting in restaurants, and cursing up a storm. Loud, like he wanted the world to hear him. That guy was just plain weird. I can’t even say how weird he was. But he was.

Isn’t stream of consciousness weird too? You know, funny.

Funny as a bunny.

cute like a hoot

Owls hoot and remind me of the Hermit.
oh! Yes, the Hermit. Quantum Hermit.
Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen for coming here this evening. The show is about to end, and the curtain will close, and the theater will empty, and it reminds me of “Are You Lonesome Tonight? Do you miss me tonight? Are you sorry we drifted apart? …The Worlds a stage, and something about playing a part. They had me playing in love, you as my sweetheart. Act one was when we met. You read your lines so cleaverly and never missed a cue. Then came act two, you seemed to change, but why I’ve never known.” *sigh* those were the days.


This, That, and the Other Thing

Been MIA for a few days, on the writing front only, as I’m preparing myself for the Writing 101 course, coming up tomorrow. So a quick update on the last, long awaited 25 Songs, 25 Days post – that song I could listen to without getting tired of it.  I’m actually working on it, which one might wonder, what’s to work on… either you got it, or you don’t. Well, if you’ve been paying attention, there’s nothing so simple about how I approach anything. It’s gotten me into big trouble, but living on the edge is where I do some of my best work. Hopefully tomorrow, if not tonight, even, I’ll have it up for all to see. Just expect the unexpected, (as Jeff Probst – or was that Julie Chen? always said… Mr. Quantum to the rescue – it was Julie Chen).  That’s all I’m saying.

AND I have not forgotten THE 42 – Life, The Universe, and Everything; songs which were in the running for favorite song of all time. They will be posted once a week, one at a time.

FAVORITE SAYING QUOTE thingy: May the Force Be With You, and Remember, No Matter Where You Go, There You Are!