In Brief

[Today’s Prompt: You stumble upon a random letter on the path. You read it. It affects you deeply, and you wish it could be returned to the person to which it’s addressed. Write a story about this encounter. Today’s twist: Approach this post in as few words as possible.]

A Letter on a path. White envelope. unsealed.

Slipping out a folded paper. Nine words written there.

“The blue car flies at midnight.

Urgent. Stop it!”


Reading address on front.

To Anyone Who Find This.

Teterboro Airport

Matter of life and death.

Arrive at airport.

Car in hangar. Blue.

Driver revving engine.

Tapping on window, which rolls down.

“This is for you.” Handing envelope to driver.

He reads it, jumps out of car. Drags me from hangar.

Tremendous explosion. Pieces of blue car fly.

Look at my watch. Twelve. a.m.

Thanks, he says. Leaves.

Who was that masked man?


20 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. platosgroove
    Apr 10, 2015 @ 11:06:52

    Love it as always! Intelligent, clever, and mysterious. Glad you are my blogging buddy.

    Liked by 1 person


  2. calensariel
    Apr 10, 2015 @ 11:20:04

    Only you! That was marvelous. You need to write a book of short stories. You could call it Storylettes!

    Liked by 1 person


    • Fimnora Westcaw
      Apr 10, 2015 @ 18:05:06

      lol and I don’t even like to read short stories! But blogging has given me hope on that. It was interesting, and I was going for the be brief as much as what the letter was all about. 😀 Thank you!!!



  3. lilypup
    Apr 10, 2015 @ 12:22:46

    Hey! That was pulse pounding! I wanted more. lily



  4. lilypup
    Apr 10, 2015 @ 12:23:22

    Oops, forgot to say I love your theme! (I use it too)



    • Fimnora Westcaw
      Apr 10, 2015 @ 18:07:29

      Oh thank you! I’m thinking of change, but not sure what. I liked my original theme, but it didn’t have a lot of options. The second theme I tried, I liked how it looked, but I couldn’t get the customize to work. So I found this over at Calen’s, and I loved her whole look and colors, and was inspired. If I stick around long enough (a year) I’ll spring for an upgrade, and really go to town on sprucing up the place. 🙂



  5. Ish
    Apr 10, 2015 @ 17:51:02

    Original as usual…



  6. badfish
    Apr 11, 2015 @ 04:31:50

    I want to know if you knew where this was going when you started or if you started with those words, and followed the trail of bread crumbs in your mind…to the story’s conclusion? Could be the first paragraph to a little longer piece? Was it This One who picked up the envelope?

    Liked by 1 person


    • Fimnora Westcaw
      Apr 11, 2015 @ 17:57:32

      Actually, I was thinking about what the prompt was asking, and about the twist. What I found interesting was making it 100 words. That was a good idea. The first words were “What letter lies upon yon path?.” then I wrote a line that comes in further down “The blue car flies at midnight” (That’s from a poem I wrote years ago)… And I started connecting the dots, keeping in mind, it had to be short. Built up. Built down.
      When I got to the end, and dumped it into the text box, it was 101 words, so I adjusted it to be as it reads now.

      Good question. I think This One very well could have picked it up. Would have. Would have followed it through. Good catch, Jack!

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      • badfish
        Apr 14, 2015 @ 00:21:00

        Well, all right. It was just your creative genius and your trust in the cosmos that put it together. I was wondering because I know people who can think and plan things out. I can’t. I’m a write-by-the-seat- of-your-pants kind of guy. I plan nothing and pray the cosmos will guide me down the page. I wouldn’t mind if the cosmos would guide me to being a billionaire.

        Liked by 1 person


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