Many thanks to Jabrushblog for thinking of me and presenting me with this Award. (hoping to get the award up on my blog, soon as The Customizer – doesn’t that sound like The Equalizer? – will work with/for me).

1. What drew you into blogging?

I’ve been a writer from the age of five, though, what I called writing might not have been publishable. I’m sure I’m not the only one to sit (in English class, no less), and write stories about my fave rave of the moment… way before the days of computers and fan fiction, but at every turn, I wrote. Blogging began, in earnest, at the beginning of this year. I’d stopped writing, about five years ago, when my father was living out the end of his days. I took care of him, and I just did not have the time to give to this art form. In January, I found blogging university (I’d already been in Word Press). It was my opportunity to return to something that I missed so much, and was a year after my father passed away, and we moved, finally, into this house. It was winter, and I was in deep hibernation. I wanted to do something. Blogging became that something.

2. How has your life changed since you started blogging?

I’ve gotten back to a very meaningful and creative expression of life, and I’ve met quite many really incredible people, and most excellent writers!

3. Who did you look up to as a child and has that changed?

I’ve always looked up to my mother. She’s been gone for nine years, but her inspiration is still in so many things around me, and in my inclinations. I don’t think that will ever change.

4. We all have dreams as children, but as we grow older we realize that some dreams are not meant to be. What was your childhood dream and are you currently doing something you love that allows your dream to be a reality?

As a child, and into my teens, I wanted to be a dancer. I went to dancing school, and even tried out for The High School of Performing Arts (which was featured in the film, FAME), but didn’t get in. That has never stopped me from dancing. I still do it: jazzercise for health, and of course for enjoyment sake.

5. What political party are you and why?

I’m registered as an independent. Just because.

6. Have you ever faced your fears?

Everyday. When you have panic disorder, and agoraphobia, you face your fears constantly. It’s never easy, but it’s necessary if I’m going to keep living.

7. If you had control over one element (Earth, air, fire, and water) which one would you choose and why?

Interesting question. I’m a fire sign. So Fire is my element. One of my weeks spent in the mountains at the retreats I recently wrote about, a ‘fire keeper’ came to teach us about that most important calling. I became passionate about the idea of being the keeper of fire. I sat, many nights, with the person who was the fire keeper, watching, learning, and listening to the sound, and enjoying the warmth, and the ‘show.’ Fire, which is associated with the South direction, is the place of creation, creativity, energy, taking thought (from the East – element Air) and manifesting it into reality.

8. How would you handle waking up and seeing the apocalypse just happened?

Being a huge ‘post apocalyptic’ book and movie fan, I’d probably have a mixture of great trepidation, about my own survival, but also I think I might have some ‘know how’ or at least know what NOT to do. Of course, in truth, there is no way I could possibly know how I’d act, unless that became a reality.

9. Which jewelry do you prefer, silver or gold?

I don’t wear jewelry. My wedding ring and engagement ring are gold. I’ve had many silver pieces when I was wearing jewelry, decades ago. Both are beautiful.

10. For traveling, would you rather: fly. take the train, drive, or take a boat?

I don’t fly. I have been driving for about 48 years, and have driven across country many times. For longer trips, these days, I go by train. Q and I spent what was our ‘honeymoon’ on the train heading for Texas (1600 miles – 51+ hours).