A Lucky Day

Day 12: Unbelievable

Getting ready for work was as easy as pie. Susan had it down to a science. The coffee perked while she showered, and she drank it as she finished putting on her make up. The commute was relatively short. Normally, a creature of habit, she was thrown when she managed to miss her stop. That would throw everything off, she thought as she got off the bus. She looked at her watch – 8:30 a.m. She was always at the bagel shop by this time. Now she would have to skip that and get to work in a hurry. Looking around to get her bearing, she saw she was standing in front of a deli, and she gave a sigh of resignation, but decided she could just as easily get her roll and coffee there.

Slipping inside, she went to the counter and asked for a buttered roll, and a cup of coffee. She was told it would be a minute. While waiting, she glanced at the many ways to play numbers. Susan never bothered to do that. What was the sense. Nobody she ever knew won.

As her order arrived at the counter, and was tallied up, the man asked if there was
anything else. “How does this work?” she asked, pointing to a sign that said
‘Instant Millionaire Scratch off Ticket.’

“You buy your cards, and check back later in the day to see if your numbers won.”
Susan thought for a moment, shrugged, and bought the tickets. “Maybe today is my lucky day.” she said, handing over the tickets after purchasing them. She got a card with instructions on how to find out if she won, and tucked it into her pocketbook. With roll and coffee in hand, Susan went to work. The day was otherwise usual.

The commute home was quick, and she went up to her apartment, at least arriving home at the proper time. It was good to get out of her work clothes, and slip into something comfortable. As usual, she switched on the television, to watch the new talk show which had captured her attention. What choice did she have? Everything she had been watching was disappearing. She resented having to find new things, find them she did.

With the remote, she switched to the channel her show was on, and settled onto the
couch, leaning back and letting out that deep sigh that marked the day was over. It was her time. The guest on the talk show was a young actress she did not recognize. There seemed to be more people, of late, she had not heard about showing up as ‘over night successes.’ Well that just wasn’t something Susan would ever realize in her simple, but satisfying life.

Switching to another channel, she stopped at the news program. They were talking about the winning Instant Millionaire Scratch off Ticket. Susan had forgotten about that. Dragging her purse off the table, she searched for the receipt for the tickets she purchased earlier.

The numbers were plastered across the television screen. She checked them against her own numbers. “Well, that’s nothing new. I didn’t win.” she shrugged, tossing the receipt into a waste basket next to the couch. As she busied herself with the mail which had come in, she heard a familiar name mentioned in the next news story. “The Everything Bagel shop was burglarized this morning, and twelve people were killed, in a deadly shoot out.” Susan jerked her head up, and stared, mouth agape! The story said the incident happened at 8:30 during the moring rush. That’s when she would have been there! Oh my! Susan thought. The misfortune of getting off too late saved my life! I guess it really was my lucky day!