A Buffalo, A Lamb, and A Mouse Walk Into A Bar

Story A Day: May 18 – Limits: Third Person, Omniscient

Fluffy looked around. This wasn’t THE island. “Ms Mouse, is this our island?” she asked.

“Well, I think it is. Why else would we be here?” Still, Ms Mouse did look to each side and at the edge of the island they thought was “their” island. “Now that you mention it, Fluffy, I don’t think this looks at all like our island.”

“Hee hee.” Both Fluffy and Ms Mouse heard the deep, annoying laugh of Tonk. “Stupid lamb. Stupid mouse.”

“What?” Fluffy hollered. “Who’re you calling stupid, you dumb buffalo!” Geez, he could be a pain.

“You two. Don’t even know we moved.” Of all the kitchen guardians I been stuck with, these two take the cake.

“Hey!” Ms. Mouse exclaimed. But, now that I think of it. If I don’t recognize this place, then maybe he’s right. Oh, that’s pretty bad when Tonk was right. “Fluff? Did we move, like he said?”

“Oh, that’s right! We were in the other house just last night. I remember being able to see that old grump just across the way, on the sink. But now I don’t see a sink.” I wonder if I’m sleeping, dreaming this? If I am, then this is a nightmare, since I usually dream nice dreams of pretty green fields, and grazing, and… hmmm. I’ve never been in green fields. “Hey Ms. Mouse, have you ever been in green fields?”

The little mouse thought for a moment. Why no, she couldn’t think of being in green fields not even once.  “No Fluff. I haven’t. I mean, I am stuffed, you know. Like you and him.”

“hee hee.” Tonk laughed. “You sure are stuffed. Someone is gonna mistake you for a turkey and put you in the oven and….”

“Hey you mean old buffalo. You watch your mouth,” Fluffy yelled out at him. Where is that buffalo anyway? She couldn’t see where he’d been sent to guard.

A loud thud broke into the argument. Clomping of shoes, someone coming up the stairs.

“Hey, shhhhh. Someone’s coming.” Fluffy said.

Each of them became inanimate, as the two humans who owned them entered the kitchen of their new house, putting the groceries they’d bought on the counters.