Up a Tree Without a Paddle

“Please? Please, please, please.”

“Yeah, sure. Alright already.”

The little girl watched him climb up on the ladder, grasp onto the lowest branch, and pull himself up. He heard the ladder fall, clattering to the ground, and shook his head. ‘Only me,” he thought.

“Up just a little higher,” he heard her voice.

Carefully looking up, he scanned the branches, and saw it, a little fur ball, mewling plaintively. “It’s okay, girl, I’ll get you down.” He reached up, as he steadied himself on the branch, close to the trunk of the tree. The thanks he got was a claw catching on his hand, and he started to pull back, felt gravity begin to pull at him, and thinking as quickly as he could, clutched another branch, just above his head. His heart was hammering in his chest, and he stood perfectly still, waiting to feel more steady.

He made the sound people make when calling cats, then said, “Come here, kitty.” It just mewled back, and he pulled himself up a few more inches, until he was nearer still, to the animal.  Slowly, straining, he managed to put his hand around the little shaking body, and pulled in from it’s perch.

The world began turning, as he felt his foot slip off the branch, and unable to find it, fell, bringing the kitten to his chest, holding it carefully, and landed in a recently raked pile of leaves. It did little to ease touch down, and he felt something break, somewhere, and pain searing through him.  He lay there, lifting his arm up toward the little girl who was now hovering over him, reaching for her lost pet.

“You’re my hero,” she said, taking the cat out of his hand.

“Anytime,” he heard himself say as he lost consciousness.

The Five Squared Neighborhood

I’ve never met a challenge that I haven’t, eventually, taken, even if whining all the way down the street and across town with it. So, it is my pleasure to pick up the gauntlet (I LOVE armor!) thrown down by the lovely Calensariel who resides in the Impromptu Promptlings Realm.

She has called it Five About Five Around the neighborhood
It will be way more difficult to just put down five things… but I shall try.

And I will begin with our Hostess.

Calensariel from Impromptu Promptlings
1. I have rarely met a woman as kind-hearted as Calen.
2. A tremendously inspiring writer, her journeys go far beyond our little boxes.
3. Her interests are hugely eclectic – and personifies variety as the spice of life.
4. Her inquistive comments are some of the most compelling I’ve ever seen.                5. She happily works behind the scenes, bringing community together.

Plato from PlatosGroove
1. His exquisite poetry, shows how to commune with that deepest part of ourselves.
2. He is very welcoming, and gracious as a friend and a man.
3. He is wonderfully playful, bringing smiles through is interactions.
4. His connection to The Earth is awe-inspiring, found in Garden Updates and other thoughtful posts
5. He fearlessly forges ahead into the unknown

Julia from My Red Page
1. Her dedication for bringing LOVE to the world speaks highly of her integrity!
2. She is extremely creative in her approach to presentation.
3. She strives to embody what she believes in a very accomplished way.
4. She is very classy, and is a wonderful role model.
5. Her stories, and tellings are beautifully orchestrated.

PhoTrablogger from Trablogger
1. He is an incredibly talented photographer
2. He is one of the happiest and friendly people I have ever met, here.
3. A very creative journeyman, he shares his excellent adventures through pictures, and words.
4. He invites us along with a joyous heart, and is very attentive to our thoughts.
5. He is a great teacher and shares his information freely.

Badfish from Bad Fish Out Of Water
1. A world traveler, he embraces what he does in the most whole hearted way.
2. As a photographer, his work is breathtaking!
3. His words are wonderfully compelling and fabulously educational.
4. He is thoroughly fun-loving, which it is quite contagious.
5. His tastes as collector of antiquities is outstanding.