The Inner Knob

Five moons ago, the story of the quaint little town of Defying Reason brought a tale of Old Abodes and New Codes. Our heroes managed to muddle their way through a world of woe to use more than the century old fireplace for cooking, and gingerly stepped into a Land of Tomorrow, which is really today. Life settled back into care free days, where there was nothing more to worry about than how to pick the ripe mellon from the patch.

But life doesn’t always remain complacent, and without bumps. The Little Couple were putting along, happy to be in the Season of Warm, watching the outside blossom and giving them greater adventures in that ever expanding area beyond the Applesauce District. It made the everyday cares, every other day affairs.

Then, without warning, not more than several days ago, when an odd thing happened. Imagine, walking down the hallway to peek in on your lovely Mrs, when you take hold of the doorknob, and it comes right off in your hand! The shock of it was rather disturbing. How was he to see if his wife was fine and dandy, if the door would not open? Of course, the case of doorknobs is a curious case at best. Why, if one knob falls off, the inner knob, can still turn and allow entry. Which of course, the Little Mrs did. Still, they were quite perplexed. How were they going to work out this tiny problem?

It came to them, as things often do when thinking back to yesterdays, that there was that place in the market square, where they got that new fangled cooking range. Would it not also have doorknobs? And so, climbing into their carriage, and leaving the Applesauce District, they made the journey to seek and find a new knob.

They looked high and low, and even asked, on the go, where such things as doorknobs might be found. Soon they were awash in rows of knobs. Big knobs, little knobs,  locking knobs, non-locking knobs. While the original knob was, in fact, a locking knob, the Little Couple did not think that was necessary. So they searched for the kind, found in a section called Halls and Closets. They shrugged, figuring, while it was a bedroom door, it could easily have also been a hall or closet door. They actually thought all of the doors looked the same.

And so, they took their knob to the Taker of Money, and climbed back into their carriage and headed for home. It did not seem like it would be too difficult an item to switch out. Just unscrew the part called the flange, and removed all the inner workings and replace.

But, there was a problem. Again, their very town truly lived up to its name, and the Little Couple found that the old knobs were smaller than the new knobs! But, not only that, there seemed no way to get the backset and latch out of the door, to replace it with the new set. The door seemed to have no way to remove this latch and backset, which, leads to that stalwart moment of Defying Reason. Why even the clerk in the market looked at the old knob, shrugging and saying, there would be no problem. But perhaps the clerk did not live in Defying Reason, so had no further understanding of how or why of the way things worked in town.

Well, what could be done? It seemed a simple thing to figure out on the surface, yet, even that Defied Reason, and left the Little Couple scratching their heads, wondering how it was that all things turned out higgledy piggledy or as The Mister often said, cattywampus.

There are still stories told about this around the stove in the general store. Nobody had ever come across this connumdrum before this time. While they were able to put  the old knobs back in place, vowing never to close the door, they knew somewhere down the road, they would come across another situation which the very town where they lived would live up to its name.

One evening, a clue emerged to the whole situation. The item they had bought, was made by a company called Defiant. It must be a conspiracy, the Little Couple thought. Fuss and Muss, living large in town, might be at the bottom of this, after all.


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. calensariel
    Jun 07, 2015 @ 20:28:59

    LOL! Only you! That was absolutely delightful. (Gotta ask this… Was it, in fact, an embellished true story?)

    Liked by 1 person


  2. metalflowermaker
    Jun 08, 2015 @ 08:56:04

    What a delightfully told tale that makes me believe in Defying Reason



  3. jabrush1213
    Jun 09, 2015 @ 20:38:27

    Absolutely, right life is full of bumps in the road sand the only way to achieve anything is to persevere and move on.

    Liked by 1 person


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