Abducted By Aliens

On July 1st, while out minding my own business… okay, not true. I was minding my business, but had no idea I was but a step away from being invaded… oh wait, that sounds dirty. While true, it’s not like it sounds.

But I was abducted by aliens. All those little germs that can wreak havoc on the body, got a foot hold, and now, let’s just say, I’m on the spaceship.

Yes, I’ve been watching ID4 (Independence Day, for those who were not around when the movie FIRST came out, and didn’t see the poster with the BIG impressive ID4 on it), which makes the inner terrestrial invasion all the more apt as an explanation for my MIA status.

I’m still incarcerated by the Incubators, and not really sure how long this will keep me out of action.

But I just wanted to let you, my wonderful readers, that I haven’t jumped ship, but been taken over and am fighting the good fight – if I can just figure out if the antibiotics are what made me so sick night before last.

I hope to be able to have my reception returned to me soon.