The Lap of Luxury

Let’s say you’re not up to snuff – we’re not talking about films, so don’t go there – and you are the person in charge of keeping your place clean and tidy. But you know how it is when you don’t feel good. Last thing you want to do, or even think about, is how clean are my floors? Who’s going to keep the dust bunnies from becoming the killer rabbits from hell? Well, my friends, have I got a housekeeper’s little helper for you.

Back some years ago, Mr. Quantum and I fell in love with a show called Eureka, about this high tech town of geniuses, where there was this automated house. Everything was done BY the house. How cool would that be? So somewhere between then and a year or two ago we came across an automated vacuum cleaner, from iRobot (without Will Smith, sadly) called Roomba. This little gadget was AMAZING!


We didn’t need to be sold on it. This was the future we envisioned way back in the 20th Century. How could we pass it up. We couldn’t. We didn’t. We bought our own, and entered the world of tomorrow. We named her Sarah, after the house in the Eureka TV series. What? you don’t name your appliances?

Anyway, it’s been over a year, now since we moved in here, and we never took her out of the box after we moved, so I’ve been lugging around, and pushing around the Dyson vacuum we have. But I just didn’t feel like doing that. Yesterday we took her out and I cleaned her (yes, she does require maintenance, but it’s quick and easy, like emptying one of the canisters that comes with any vacuum. We had to let her charge, as she’d been off her dock for over a year. But today, she was ready, and rearing to go and clean this house.

There’s more than just getting a clean house out of using an iRobot Roomba. There’s pure entertainment! And she fits under places like couches, and beds, and dressers and all those spaces you don’t even think about. It’s a hoot, watching her going about her business.

This is why I can sit here and write this instead of vacuuming.

Here’s a preview of an Roomba in action:

Roomba: Don’t move home without it.