The Monday Music Medicine Show!

The Monday Music Medicine Show LOGO

Welcome to Monday Music Medicine Show!

Sometimes just a word brings you to a song; a memory from long ago, and you sit and feel good in that moment. I got the idea for this particular Music Medicine Show from reading a friend’s blog.

So my hope is that you, who like taking a ride on the Monday Music Medicine Show merry-go-round, will consider this. Over the last day, or week, does a particular word from a blog title, or within the content, summon up a favorite song?

For me, the word came from The Lady Calensariel, at Imprumptu Promptlings , posted this Saturday past, and when I read the title, I was instantly reminded of a song I’ve loved over the years, and which carries a message I think is very important.

Please be sure to include in your own post, the blog URL and blogger’s name so that we all can journey over and enjoy the magic.

BYOM and  remember: It Don’t Mean A Thing If You Don’t Send That PING!

Music is the Medicine in my Soul and I hope yours is as healing and nurturing as mine!