Monster Mash

I took a detour the other day. I was not feeling creative, and thought I’d fall back on one of my go-to activities – to pass the time. I’m a gamer. Not of the WoW kind, but more along the lines of puzzles, hidden object games, and such. I’ve been a member to at least two gaming communities dedicated to both online gaming, and downloads, own-it games.

A couple of months ago, I opened the browser of one of my sites, and saw a ‘for free’ offer, and grabbed it. It was a curious little game, and I went in an played around, thought it was interesting, but was too involved in my newest passion at the time to really get to know how it worked.

For six months, I’ve been quite full-on busy right here. The odd thing is that I became so involved in visiting and commenting that I had not actually done serious blogging of my own, except for my Monday Music Medicine Show. When did all the get-up-and-go writing begin to move to a back burner? It’s not like I didn’t have things already on the back burner for after my months of consistent challenges. Yet, I was finding that I’d been bitten by the procrastination (which is going around to an extent) bug.

What to do?  What I always do when I find myself at a loss. Play. Game.

And so I did. I’d been recovering from some uncomfortable physical annoyances, and I just took the easy way out. Yes I did.

Three days ago, I opened my game browser and saw that little free game just sitting there, waiting for me. And just like in January, I clicked that button! It took some time for me to even remember how it all worked. In fact, I didn’t really know much about it until three days ago. I began giving my time – as instructed – once a day, and discovered something fascinating! Color me amazed when I realized that right at my fingertips was a wonderfully creative musical experience. Now how could I pass that up?

So I’d like to share with you, a bit of this world. Think of it as a trailer. But I also feel it may just have given me a nice kick start back into bringing my own game to life. Plus I got an opportunity to dabble in my movie making program. I spent today playing with Movie Maker and I put together this little presentation. It’s just the tip of an amazing iceberg, and I hope you’ll enjoy and appreciate what fun it brought me.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I give you “My Singing Monsters.”