The Sandbox Writing Challenge – Stillness

Time to go play in the sandbox, graciously provided by the lovely Lady Calen of Impromptu Promptlings.

Exercise 3: What is it that keeps you from being still?

When I saw that the actual prompt was, “What is it that keeps me from being still,” my first thought was, why on earth would I want to keep still? It’s actually not in my nature to be still. I’m a fire sign, the element which is about manifesting through action.

I suspect, it is why I’ve had some difficulty with traditional meditation. As I read through Calen’s own post, I thought that is something I would have written, since it describes WHY I am the way I am; or, really, just the way I am, but not why so much.

Generally speaking, panic disorder doesn’t leave room for stillness. However, I have learned a lot about managing my own panic condition over the years, and have used other, less STILL forms of meditation to reach the inner realms where peace, and calm reside.

I would ask, what is the definition of being STILL? I can be still physically, while my mind is a wild herd of galloping turtles. What will stillness bring to my inner journey? What is gained in stillness? All questions I still need to answer. Of course, those who are sky high in the journey of self discovery, probably already understands the need for stillness – and some other part of me does also.

Yes, I’ve had my times, especially in certain places where I haveĀ felt exquisitely calm. I can’t say that I was specifically still. A walk through the woods brings me to that place of peace, where frantic doesn’t live. Perhaps that is what stillness is for me.

Thus, the answer, being out in the place I’m most comfortable; in the midst of Nature, hearing, seeing, smelling, feeling, tasting, brings me a sense of stillness without having to sit still. Look at the picture up at the top of my blog. In that photo is my Stillness… For today, at least.

Oh, right. What keeps me from being still? My nature.