The Sandbox Writing Challenge – Relaxation and Pleasure

Lady Calen, of Impromptu Promptlings brings us the next installment of The Sandbox Writing Challenge, and while it’s not one of those that makes me plunge into the depths of my psyche, into those dark recesses which are locked behind a big iron door, that follows a pathway through a rather gruesome display of all those moments which flayed me open, and left me hanging from the shackles of some self imprisonment of my choosing.

Thankfully, this week’s challenge is a cherry on top the cake of my hedonistic endeavors.

1) what relaxes me

Certain music I have will definitely relax me
Sitting outside, Communing with the Green Ones relaxes me
Sex relaxes me
Watching a fire in a fireplace relaxes me
Watching certain television shows/movies will relax me
Playing games – hidden object, matching games, at night relaxes me
A deep tissue massage relaxes me
2) what brings me pleasure
My husband brings me pleasure
Music brings me pleasure
Being in a Forest, at an Ocean, in the midst of Nature brings me pleasure

Dancing brings me pleasure
Dancing with my Sock Monkey brings me pleasure
My Singing Monsters brings me pleasure
Self service gives me pleasure
Sharing music with others brings me pleasure
Movies/TV (certain shows) brings me pleasure
Writing brings me pleasure (most of the time)
Commenting on (interaction) the blogs brings me pleasure

I’m sure much as been left off the list, as my mind doesn’t recall all the moments of relaxation and pleasure.

The Red Trunk Mystery

STORY A DAY: Sept. 2015
Day 2: Personal Prompt: The Tale of the Mysterious Trunk

This story is dedicated to those Quantum Hermit followers and friends who have wanted to know the story of The Red Trunk.


Dropping in on The Little Couple who live in the Applesauce District of the town called Defying Reason, we find ourselves in the middle of a mystery. Of course, it is well known, that a mystery can not just begin in the middle. Where would be the fun in that? To tell this story, we must do the Time Warp, and understand the myriad moments leading up to the mystery of The Red Trunk.

As you might have heard, one year prior, our Heroes were dusting off shelves, sorting through all manner of family memorabelia, belonging to The Lovely Missus, getting ready to move into their inherited house in Defying Reason. When the wife of The Little Couple had been young, many, many years younger, around the time when she was playing dolls,’ on a very merry Hanukmas eve, a mighty special gift arrived.

Perhaps, it was simply a dream, for neither The Little Husband, nor The Little Wife were even aware of Defying Reason. Yet, the recollection could be the very thing which marked The Little Wife for entrance into Defying Reason, later in life. In the wee hours, betwixt and between the eve and the morn of the holiday, The Little Girl who would later become The Little Wife, awoke from sleep to find a magical parade of Elves, tip toeing past the beds of children who should not be stirring. Through sleepy eyes, The Little Girl spied a baby carriage passing by, inside of which was a child.

Sleep overtook The Little Girl, and when she awoke in the morning, and the family gathered for Hanukmas opening ceremonies, she found that there had, in deed, been a carriage, though smaller than she’d thought, and within was a beautiful Tiny Tears Doll.

Now, little girls in all the world, grow up and out of their desire to ‘play dolls,’ eventually, though it has been known that there is always that one treasured toy which a child will carry through their growing years, and somewhere down a long and winding road of life, they will find that coveted toy, once again. It will be a special moment, and on that occasion, faced with To Toss, or Not To Toss, the child will gently wrap the baby doll into her blanket, and place her into a Memory Chest.

The Little Girl had done just that, and it was one of two prized toys with which she could not part. The second toy was a little stuffed dalmation puppy, which The Little Girl had pleaded her parent’s to let her get after leaving the theater where a whimsical tale about 101 Dalmations had been shown. All children fell in love with a particular puppy from the moving picture show, and The Little Girl was no different. His name was Peppy, and she did get this stuffed animal.

Thus, placed in the toy box, next to Tiny Tears, The Little Stuffed Puppy, joined the treasure chest. When The Little Girl had grown to become The Little Woman, and her family moved away from her childhood home, she had found this chest and claimed it for her personal ‘must keep’ items.

Many journeys ensued, and The Little Wife knew her precious belongings were protected within the metal chest in the Town of Defying Reason, where she had moved, as was mandated by those who were called to become true residents of the little town.

And so it was, when The Little Couple were sorting through everything from her family, that she remembered distinctly the chest was last seen beneath the stairs, to where many of The Little Wife’s things had been moved when she had journeyed far, and journeyed wide, to a land beyond a Line which was named for a Mason and a Dixon.

At first, excitedly, she pulled things out from the space beneath the stairs, but non were The Red Trunk. As time passed, and she searched high in the attic, and low in the basement, her hope of finding The Red Trunk diminished. Whatever could have happened to it? Where would the parents of The Little Wife have put it? With a heavy heart, she continued the work of moving, and getting on with living in the Town of Defying Reason.

One afternoon, in the late autumn, when the leaves had fallen from the trees and the bushes, and the land was barren, as it becomes for the winter, The Little Wife was strolling the grounds which belonged to The Little Couple. Once before she had noticed there was a pile of wood, planks, actually, deep within the minor forested borderland, which in summer is not easy to see for the flora which grows in abundance.

The excitement which filled The Little Wife, was not of knowing what lay beneath the wood, but from the possibility of discovering something interesting. Stepping over the drooping skellital branches of once thriving brush, she pushed one plank off the top, and then another, and another until a gasp could be heard from The Little Wife. Standing wide-eyed, there, now rusted, and peeling, was THE Red Trunk! But what would have brought this into being?

Working hard to pull the latch away to lift up the lid, her spirits began to rise! She could not imagine the whys and wherefores of it, but the find alone would be worth all the saddness of believing all was lost.

The top creaked as it was pulled away from the body of the trunk. The Little Wife looked in. It was empty. A perplexed look came over her face, and she made her way back to the house, to bring The Little Husband out so they could both muse over the discovery, which still left a mystery looming large over them.

Defying Reason, once again, lived up to its name. For an empty Red Trunk does not make sense. The tale for this moment is at its conclusion, leaving the question, and the mystery of the missing Tiny Tears, and the Dalmation Puppy.