The Awakening

STORY A DAY: Sept. 2015
Day 9
Prompt: Write a story based on the Pavane by Faure

There is but a tinge of light above, the first light of a new dawning day, before the Sun kisses the horizon. The forest of night has gone to sleep. It is that brief time betwix and between, where one day meets the next, receding into the past, giving way to the renewal.

The Centaur trots slowly to where the horizon can be seen, and puts a flute to his lips, and begins to play a sweet melody. A second flute is heard, as another Centaur joins in, both singing the day in through the instruments.

The accompanying harp which led the greeting, continues, the dancing of the Forest Fae keeping time, stepping upon leaves, and hopping up through the trees and bushes in expectation.

Sleepy eyed bunnies crawl out of their warrens, as do the chipmonks, the music calling all to join in the celebration of another day.

Walking with lanterns along forest paths, the Elves lend their voices to the symphony. They stand watcing, all of Gaia’s children, as the great orb begins to ascend. The orchestra is joined by bird song, and the paths become dappled by the light as it filters into through the branches.

Slowly the morning song grows quiet. Each participant turns to tend to that which the day at once requires, and at the same time affords all the Beings who rule the day.

The Sandbox Writing Challenge – Differences

THE SANDBOX WRITING CHALLENGE – what it is about me that I feel makes me different from everybody else?

This is what Lady Calen of Impromptu Promptlings asks us to write about this week.

It’s funny (peculiar) that I’ve always felt like the ‘mush in between,’ which is my phrase for being just like everybody else, nothing special, and so on. I’ve never considered myself particularly brilliant. I’m smart enough, but that’s just it. Is enough, enough? I was stick thin when I was growing up, so that put me in the ‘non-compos-mentis’ category, from my point of view.

So now that I’ve said a whole bunch about what doesn’t make me different, there is the other side of the coin. What does makes me different?

I don’t hide the side of me which dwells in the dark. Or perhaps, hide FROM it. I live in the Light and the Dark. I think that I have not let my demons cripple me entirely. My visualization skills are huge; the things I can imagine, see in my mind; the places I create in my mind are all so vivid to me that I find it difficult to believe they are not real.

Oh, yes, my complete, unabiding respect for all beings. I’m a champion bug rescuer. I think that’s pretty different. I also am able to pop out of the duldrums pretty quickly.

I’m a Fae!!! oh yes I am. And I act like it. 😀

What I wonder is what others would say makes me different from others? I know people can see in us what we can’t see. Just saying.