A Lily, Horses, the Trust Technique & Reiki

Morning practice, such as Ka Malana of Fiesta Estrellas describes is something to which to aspire! The video she shares I found hugely thrilling. The music within, is as uplifting!


Fiesta Estrellas


I did a unique meditation sequence this morning. Since I awoke at 5am to my surprise, I had plenty of time this morning. I started with a guided meditation, for which I used the 5 minute mindfulness meditation track. Then I practiced some new Qi Gong techniques I learned yesterday. Following that, I joined with my study buddy for A Course in Miracles, day 8. I practiced more Qi Gong, and then I  meditated and opened the Akasha .

I am completely new to opening the Akasha, so I’m just just briefly relaying what came up for me. It was while I meditated on my experience afterward that I was guided to share this video below, following a brief description of my vision.

I had this vision of lightning that struck a barn and caused a fire. There was trauma associated with a beloved horse’s death, but it…

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