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Welcome to the Monday Medicine Show!

With so much new music coming in, sometimes I don’t get to reach into my past and find that golden nugget that I remember as one of those satisfying musicians I’ve wondered about through the decades. Where are they now, a phrase that comes up so often now-a-days, applies here.

When I think of music, there are many things which draw me in. If I had to say what I hear in certain songs, what stands out for me, instrumentally, it’s keyboards, hands down.  So, when someone comes along and is known for this, I’m in love. When I heard Leon Russell for the first time, it was back in the days I’m not supposed to be able to remember. But music has its way of imprinting itself on/in my Soul.

Leon Russell is legendary, from my point of view. He was big in that world that seems like it was in a Galaxy far, far away. You may have heard of him, or not. If you were lucky enough to have him touch you with his music, then these are the songs you might recall:

Roll Away the Stone – Leon Russell (1970)

Delta Lady – Leon Russell (1970)

Flash forward some thirty plus years, and I’m grazing in the grass of new melodies. I’d grown, changed, became sentimental, and opened my heart wider to love songs, of a sort. One night I heard a tune which captured me immediately, for many reasons. But I recognized the voice. That’s Leon Russell! And I breathed in the scent of the Island which he offered up. It wasn’t really a new song, but for me, it was.

Back to the Island – Leon Russell (1975)

I had that in my playlist for well over ten years, and at that point it was already 30 years since its incarnation. I didn’t want to lose touch again. So I’ve made it a point of typing in names once in a while as I wander through the archives of Youtube. Thus, as sites have gotten into the habit of remembering who I’ve checked out, here and there, they’ll pop up again. When you’ve been  away for so long from certain areas of music, sometimes you see a curious coupling. In my moving ahead, and on with my musical journeys, I’d not kept up with the comings and goings of those oldies but goodies. Thus, how nice it was to see Leon and, who’s that? Elton John? Seems like an unlikely duo, but the story is touching. Leon’s career had not the staying power – though I’ll wager there’s others who are cultish about him in their interest, like I am. Hitting bottom is nothing new for musicians. But he did have a guardian angel who came and pulled him back from obscurity, and you can hear his thanks to Sir Elton John, in this homage to a friend.

The Hands of Angels – Leon Russell (2010)

So my beautiful Monday Music Medicine Show friends, have you been reminded of someone you followed, and whose music spoke to you in that special way, but who you wonder, what did happen to them?  You know I want to hear it. Please share the songs that fit this situation.

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Music is the Medicine in my Soul and I hope yours is as healing and nurturing as mine!

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