The Sandbox Writing Challenge – Perfection

The lovely Lady Calen has posed the question, at the playground of Impromptu Promptlings, what is my idea of perfection?

Obviously, Mama Gaia – All That Is. Of course, it should then follow that I am perfection. You are perfection. That said, why is there so much chaos? Perhaps, Chaos is perfection finding itself. Finding the patterns in the Chaos leads to perfection.

Is perfection the same for each of us? No, of course not, because the prompt is asking us what our idea of perfection is. Unless we all were to answer exactly the same, which I feel is highly unlikely, then that must mean perfection comes in as many guises as there are beings in the Universe.

Perhaps, perfection, being an abstract idea doesn’t exist… and doesn’t need to exist. It would make incarnation fruitless.

Food for thought. Welcome to the Beggars Banquet.