The Sandbox Writing Challenge – LOVE IS

Impromptu Promptlings’ gracious hostess, our loving friend, Lady Calen, asks the question: What Makes Me Feel Loved?

I will admit it took me a while to locate that place where the secrets to this question were residing within.

And I ask you, what better way to talk about this than in song?

I can say that I spent the better part of my younger days, which stretched into my thirty something days asking one question:

When you’re an absolute beginner (from the song of the same name), it’s trial and error and more than not, the road taken is fraught with the sadness of looking for love in all the wrong places:

What I can tell you is that when I stopped looking, is when I found it. Maybe it was because I was, and have always been:

The Story of that journey has many parts:

Before I met Mr. Quantum, I don’t think I felt loved by any of my partners. Oh I was engaged once, but I didn’t feel loved. First, it was a ‘long distance’ engagement. He was a buddy of my brother’s when they were in the army, during the Vietnam war. We started writing to each other, and there was a connection. When we met, there seemed to be a possibility. But people who love me are not supposed to hit me, so there was no joy there. There was no love. It only happened once, and I kicked him and his ring out of my life forever.

That was at least twenty years before I met Q online, and twenty four years before Q and I met face to face. The connections were greater. Oddly, it was also a long distance ‘getting to know you,’ kind of thing, this time in email. But if there was a second somebody in there that might have made me think I would not have to shoulder and carry Spinsterhood onward, I can’t remember who it might have been, so I can’t say, 3rd time’s a charm. But that immaterial, since I had that gold ring (pun intented) in my hand, on my finger.

Letters, and phone calls became our way to spend time together. I didn’t know, even in those four years, if I really loved him, or how he really felt about me. BUT, when we met in person for the first time, the three days together culminated in me standing at the airport, watching his plane head off into the sunset, and the tracks of my tears spoke volumes. I practically had a knock down drag out fight with myself on the drive back to my apartment, that night. I refused to believe it was anything more than just having been alone too long and the feel good cloak was simply the relief of having had a momentary connection.

History tells the tale, however. From that moment on, we were inseperable, spending hours talking on the phone. Three months later, at Thanksgiving, in New York with my parents, we got engaged. By May 1st the following year, we were wife and husband.
Not a day has gone by when he has not made me feel completely loved.

On the day of our Handfasting, what follows tells the story of the moments which bound us forever, together:

My Knight in Shining Armor took that long walk down the hall from his room, in the mansion where our love would be shown to the world (our friends and family)… to the place where we would walk toward our destiny.

The ceremony was beautiful, if I do say so myself – I wrote it. When we stepped over the broom, and returned as Wife and Husband back down the line of our witnesses we finally were Tan An – Together We.

That was over 18 years ago.

Of course, there are many kinds of love, and another place where Love was manifest can be seen in the following telling.

Growing up, with very few exceptions, my mother always made me feel loved. My fondest memories are the times we’d spend together, talking, about everything and anything, and listening to music, sharing with each other what we’d discovered. That’s the kind of person she was.

Finally, I have been very lucky to have the most loving fur persons a human can have. I might have been around 3 years old when we got our first cat. I’ve always had a special repport with them, and many other-than-human beings. I have to say the last five kitties I was honored to have adopt me were quite demonstrative in their love for me. I was midwife to one, who had a litter of six kittens. I chose one to keep and she was a precious gift in my life. When I got married, and moved down to Texas, I was greeted by 3 wonderful fur person’s who took me as their two legged mommy, and we enjoyed many happy years together. That’s a special kind of love.


Mundane Monday 30


Mundane Monday

The Alternate Universe

Pho Trablogger offers another opportunity to try interesting things with my camera. Over the last year, I’ve noticed that because we see reflections from the lights inside the house, it gives the illusion that there is an alternate universe out in the backyard. This photo was taken as the back yard was darkening, and the lights were on. It is reminiscent of when I look inside from outside, and see the cozy lighting of a quaint setting. Only here, the inside is transported outside through the way it is reflected by the glass, giving the effect that I’m looking in at another universe.  Or something like that. 🙂

Monday Music Medicine Show – Remember When?

The Monday Music Medicine Show LOGO

Welcome to the Monday Medicine Show!

It’s 1980. The 70s disco craze has faded. There are new tunes emerging on the scene. Quite many groups and songs come to mind. I was just out of college, and heading into a new decade, eager to discover all the new and fun music which would take us by storm.

This morning, I came across one of my favorite, get up and dance, songs, by the group, Loverboy.

Yes, there were so many other artists and songs which went every which way, each with a special draw. I recently wanted to add some more music to my jazzercize playlist, and this one fit the bill so well. I still have the vinyl record in my collection.

What does this song evoke down my memory lane? This was a time when I went off the cuff. Sitting in a Howard Johnson’s out on Long Island, with my friend, thinking of what we wanted to do, both of us ready to find that perfect fit for the moment. This was the beginning of our 15 minutes of fame in the music business.

So my beautiful Monday Music Medicine Show friends, when you think of the 80s (those who were there), what song comes to mind? What memory does it bring up for you?  Those who were not incarnate yet, what songs have you inherited from those who you know from that time?

Please share the songs that fit this situation. You know I want to hear it. Share it there (your own blog with a ping back), or share it here.


I have one more item to introduce here.

Others have used it, and I figured I take that chance. I’ve created a poll, which I would appreciate all who stop by to take time to answer a question:


Now we’re done, so in the tradition of the Monday Music Medicine Show, BYOM and  remember: It Don’t Mean A Thing If You Don’t Send That PING!

Music is the Medicine in my Soul and I hope yours is as healing and nurturing as mine!

Singing Smiley

Sandbox Writing Challenge #11 – Fascinating.

Today, Calen, the most excellent host of this Sandbox Writing Challenge, at Impromptu Promptlings, has left us to ponder and convey what fascinates us.

Lots of things fascinate me. But if I had to be more specific, which, of course I do, I love puzzles, games, challenges until they are no longer challenging, or I lose interest. I’m utterly fascinated with maps. I go to take a look at a map and I’m suddenly being nudged that it’s time to eat, or do something which we’d planned. I get lost in them.

I have always loved taking things apart, and putting them back together. So finding out how things work, fascinates me. Figuring things out. I love a mystery. Which is why I’m drawn to programs on the television like CSI, WITHOUT A TRACE, NCIS, and thus and such.

I grew up looking forward to the holidays, because we’d always have a jigsaw puzzle up on a table in the house. I have one waiting for the table space right now. The more intricate, the better…

Ravensburger Puzzle

When I was little, my parents had puzzle boxes… which had hidden compartments in them, and trying to figure out how to open them would keep me busy for long periods of time.

I’ve enjoyed putting models together, and building things. My brother’s erector set was quite fascinating for me. The mystery of ‘the red trunk’ still has me trying to figure out exactly where those things went, after being taken out of the trunk, and the trunk being hidden outside, behind our shed. That, in itself, will remain a mystery, but I can have great fun imagining the whys and wherefores of what took place; what led to that strange situation.

Currently, I’m not only fascinated by a game I’ve been playing since around June, this year, but am totally addicted. If you’ve read some of my previous posts, you’ll know it’s My Singing Monsters. The game is quite intricate, and educational, and fun!

Of course, all of this interest also applies to why I am the way I am… My finding out that very thing is part of my Earth Walk.

Mundane Monday Challenge #29 – Illusion

Pho Trablogger, helps us find the beauty in the otherwise mundane images of life.

Last week I was outside, going back to snap a shot I’d noticed while sitting in the sun, enjoying the beauty of this changing season. When I came back with my camera, I saw this and thought, That’s interesting. I’ve always found shadows fascinating. For me, I’m drawn in by the way the shadow seems at first to have depth going out, and suddenly shifts the eye to see the center post as being closer.


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